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  1. Default Demon Slayer Quests

    I'm sure the question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find a topic about it.

    Are the demon slayer storyline quests worth doing? Are they required to get the mount (wings?) Do you get a fancy chair? Should I waste my time, or just go train? Please help ^_^

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    just do the quests thats required, mount at lvl 10, hair sucks

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    They are not required for the mount and Demon Slayers do not get a chair. The only reason you would do the storyline quests is for Scepters (even then, it's only the low level ones that you get) and for... the storyline, lol.

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    Hmm... ehhh.... I don't know... does anyone know how far out the quests continue? To what level? If it's just to like 30 or something with the occasional quest here and there I'll do it. And is it possible to bless a Demon Slayer with the Cannoneer and Mercedes buffs? That's the only real reason I made the two...

  5. Lead Ball

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    The DS quests continue to about 83 give or take so far as I saw on my level 109 (or 108) Tespia DS. I'm pretty sure any character can get the other two buffs because my mercedes has cannon shooter link and vice-versa is possible so I see no reason why it wouldn't work with DS as well. The quests aren't too often except at low levels, then they spread out at higher levels like most jobs and their storyline stuff.

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    Thanks this really clears things up. I'm so pineappleing excited for this class. It's a warrior. It's got flash jump. It's got double jump. It can fly essentially! What more can you ask for. I'm so glad Nexon didn't pineapple us up by making these new characters not be able to bless eachother. ./ragequit

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    Wow, that's quite a bit of levels for story time. Nexon needs to do this more!

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    Can you level up to say... 15x and then go back and do the story quests later? That's my plan... unless there are some fancy rewards other than these "sceptors".

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    I don't see why you wouldn't.

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    I finally remembered what I was going to ask...

    Dexless, or normal? Cap it at 100? What do I do...

  11. Won't Be Coming Back Male

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    Job: Dual Blade


    What is this, pre big bang?
    Warriors don't add dex.

  12. Default

    4 base
    leave it like that

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    Warriors don't even need DEX at all. Only reason you would need any is for PvP / Empress equips.

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    I'm so old school... thanks guys.



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