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  1. Default Abundance of Spanish in GMS.

    Edit: Due to a lack of a close thread button (I've been around gameFAQs too much, didn't know vBulletin was behind the times) I'm going to withdraw my statement and avoid further arguments.

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    I don't see a problem with this at all, this in fact quite racist to make a thread like this. They have every right to play GMS because there is no version for Central America, etc. Just let them play their way through and you play your way through, they aren't any different from you.



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    ...this is very racist.

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    I don't know how something like that can upset you and the only reason that can come to my mind (beside you been racist) is that you should change to a guild that do things together; I only interact and do stuff with a very close circle of maplers and never noticed something like that to the point of bothering me.

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    Damnit. I need to learn not go rambo on forums that I don't know the full mechanics of. Is there a close button somewhere?

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    Well you see my little racist friend, there has been an increase of "spanish" players because they feel like playing the game.

    And in case you didn't knew it's not only people from Spain who speak Spanish.

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    So now you're saying being hispanic is bad? I'd say being racist is bad.

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    On a related note, I do think that people who speak Spanish and play GMS should at least attempt to learn English. I mean, I know THAT sounds bad by itself, but when there are Spanish people who KS the f'uck out of people and then use Spanish as an excuse to keep KSing, it's pretty damn pathetic. Those people also promote others using non-English languages to get away with sh*t they shouldn't be allowed to get away with. It's like the Gaijin Smash of online games. It's pretty f'ucking stupid. And no, I know it's not just Spanish speakers (and of course, not ALL Spanish speakers do this - probably a minority), but they're of far more abundance than other language speakers I've seen in GMS.

    As a rule of thumb for anyone, if you're going to play a foreign game, you should at least attempt to learn the language of that game to be able to communicate with the natives properly to not cause hate and discontent.

    ./Iprobablyshouldn'thaveopenedmymouthendingstatement shere

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    pimentos are pimentos regardless of nationality/race/language they speak.

    I've run into a couple of these guys in the past. They get surprised when I start using Spanish. They get all shy or scared and go away. It's quite entertaining.

    It's harder than you think to interact with people, especially when they type so badly in English and use acronyms for almost everything in some cases they're very hard to understand.

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    Rofl, what is this abo-- actually, do I even want to know?

    I saw something about how being Hispanic is bad, but being a Hispanic myself, I'd like to ask why.

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    come on this isn't basil. we don't need threads like this on here lol.
    have a little respect.

    I know you said you are hispanic yourself but how would you feel if someone called you stupid just because of your origin.

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    Actually vBulletin is not behind the times (on this point).
    If you'd put your vent in Angry Dome where it belongs, you'd have been able to close it.
    But when you open a thread in the Maplestory Discussion forum, you're not given the privilege of stopping the discussion if it goes differently than you'd hoped.

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    I do not think he was talking about being Hispanic is bad. I believe he meant that what he said SOUNDS bad for Hispanics. He could've used better words to make that clearer.



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