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    Default What country to live in?

    Me and my gf have been tryin to figure out where to live for months now.
    she currently lives in Suriname and I live in Israel.
    we see each other for a few months out of the year and basicly after we're done with college we want to live together but after tons and tons of searches we havn't found a website that can help with this. we were looking for a website that can help choose a place to live based on what you want even a forum or something like that.

    I thought maybe someone here might be able to point us in the right dirrectionfor a site or if you're interested in helping here is what our ideal home would be.

    somewhere semi far from the city, a small single floor house that is near a river and open grass fields. sounds like a horrible description I know xD.
    she's learning psychology and I'm probably either going to learn Architecture or something computer related. we thought about staying in Suriname since living there is REALLY cheap.
    with Israeli minimum wage I can afford to live in a nice house with all my needs + extra shoping cash easily. ( roughly 4k shekel )

    but yeah we have no idea where to look to see living expenses/etc per country.

    we don't want much just to live somewhere. we have some decent starting cash for life since both our parrents are buisness owners so moving somewhere and getting started isn't that unrealistic it's kind of a trait of my family. but the question is where.

    sorry if this is a mess. I'd really appreciate any help and if didn't explain myself very well I'll try again.

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    Occupation, starting cash, and atmosphere are typically the top 3 things to consider. First you have to cross reference which countries offer the best mixing for your occupations. For example if you were a doctor in brain biology, while she's a psychologist, california probably wouldn't be the best place. Headhunters would be your best bet for now just to get an idea of where the job opportunities exist. Next is what can you afford, you'd probably want somewhere maximum half an hour away from wherever you stay, for both of you. So that is another challenge. Lastly weather, do you want to be somewhere that snow's alot? Tornado alley?

    Those are typically the 3 things. That and internet/cell phone connection. Dead zones suck balls.

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    well we know we don't want to live in a conservative place,we're both very left and religion irks us, also we know we do not want to live in the united states whilst I'm an american citizen I have nothing to find there.

    as for weather it can't be very extreme weather because she's sensitive to Heat and Cold, whilst Suriname is tropic (next to brazil ) it's never hot like in L.A or Cold like in NY, but I do like snow , on a side note between us we know like 9 languages and have no problem learning more so that's not a real barrier or problem ofcourse english is prefered.

    we don't have many needs we're kinda minimalistic to a certain extent.
    we want to live somewhere small near nature and play videogames/mmos.

    basicaly everything we enjoy in life is acessesable via a pc.

    Also Thanks for "Headhunters" we'll check the site out. if you've got anything else i'd appreciate it, we're kinda lost and everyday makes a difference.

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    I would go for Italy or Germany if I were you. But germany can be a little cold during the winter. Its easy to settle in Germany, but idk about Italy, and its a really easy language to learn aswell.

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    Well..what languages can you speak?

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    English,Potugese,Spanish,Dutch,Japanese,Hebrew,Sur inameasean .. 7... she speaks two other languages that I can't remember.

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    You're essentially going to have to search each country specifically. I wouldn't reccomend Italy, even though that's the best part of my life, but it's essentially in economic turmoil, they aren't any better off than greece if I recall.

    Germany is a very good "efficient" country, though I personally hate the weather and local dishes. It's constantly gray. lol.

    My friend Jen is very oriented with global affairs, her personal favorite would be Argentina

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    Tell me one north europe country that isnt constantly gray unless its like 21st june.In Norway, especially in Bergen it RAINS all the time.
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    France has a very good mix for weather, you have beaches and lots of sun in the south near the Mediterranean sea and an efficient railroad network that can bring you to the Alpes for snow really quickly if you want to. The south also has a dry climate which is good for all kinds of allergies/breathing problems.

    The people are generally well cultured and read a lot, they are not rude unless you are going to Paris.
    On the economic side, the country is in kind of a crisis now with a lot of unemployment (it's hard to find an internship). But there's always a place for people who work hard.

    If you are really searching for more economic opportunities I guess you'd be pretty well set in Brazil, I don't know about your domains specifically, but there's been a constant search for engineers.
    In terms of climate, Brazil is so large that you'll probably find whatever you want going north/south/east/west.

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    Finland isn't like that, neither Sweden I believe. Then again, summers (and winters) have been pretty unusual for the last 2 years down here.

    Isn't it rainy like that in Norway because of this mountain stuff:

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    What countries aren't? Though the weather for both countries is def a plus.



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