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Thread: [In Progress] 2011 Holiday Events

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    Claws Quest ends next week. But it still doesn't work properly.

    Guess that makes it impossible to get all trophies huh?

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    No Happyville this year, it seems...

    This is one sad Maple Christmas. :c

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    So the noses are supposed to be Time Limited, huh?

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    It's not day limited, you can get all rewards in one day, but yeah the trophy isn't working

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    That's what I meant..

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    @Below: Right I forgot, +5 hands.

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    The nose actually does add 5 Diligence.

    8 more days to farm Rudolphs.

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    inb4 the trophy isn't working, because the quest isn't keeping track of the number of times you've completed the quest.

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    It actually is keeping track, and gives the prizes. However, it gives them by times you do it, not by days. It might be that the testing for qualifying for the trophy only starts 7 days after the event starts, since you can't possibly complete 7 days before that.

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    No, I know that, but I mean I'm wondering if the reason we can't the trophy is because it might only trigger off of the quest saying "1/7" or "7/7".

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    Actually, when you equip it adds 5 Dilligence exp, but it goes away when the item is unequipped AND still counts towards your daily limit. Making it not only useless but harmful too

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    Thats what I meant with "+5 hands" since hands was a stat some equips had.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    These events are all so tedious... and so many of them... and so similar to each other and previous events...

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    I know...and time limited items arent really rewards.

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    The noses aren't time limited though, so it's a free first tier face accessory. You can mass fuse them for desired potential as well.

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    Of course they are boring for a lvl 200. However they are gold if you grind or quest and collect the crap etc meanwhile.

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    No, they're just plain boring and repetitive. Nothing unique in terms of gameplay/challenge/areas to explore. Even with fine rewards, event quests are supposed to make the game more fun when nothing new's coming out =/



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