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    Figured since I talk a lot about trying to get into animation school, posting stuff online would help me want to sketch more. ._.

    I was at the ROM on Saturday and I'll probably be there way more when I have more time. HINT FOR THE OTHER FELLOW CANADIANS LET'S GO TO THE ROM YEAHHHHHH.

    ~1 min
    ~3 min
    ~5 min

    Will focus more on mammals when I go back on Sunday. o(^▽^)o

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    Im guessing these are using charcoal or black woodless color pencil.

    The 5 minute drawings really show what you can do with the extra time.

    The 1 minute drawings show promise, but the large amount of marks can be reduced with more practice, and more confidence in the marks. Basically, with less time, you want to give a quick run over marking key defining elements. You pushed a bit forward with it to try and capture more elements. Not bad, but its good to be able to hit the key marks and leaving the page clear to see them clearly.

    I think the best image you got here is this one;

    It has the definition, the medium detail, and being at 5 minutes. I would try to remember how you tackled this one and practice that more.

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    I'm using a 9B graphite stick. I love it and I hate it. It's so easy for me to make the quick broad strokes I want, but I just draw too darkly at the beginning when I'm doing gestures. If I focus and make a mass drawing, I tend to lighten up. I need to learn how to balance the energy I have doing gestures and how much pressure I put on my medium. Someone lent me a lighter stick of graphite, but I didn't like the stick at all. ;~; Must unlazy and go to the art store during the week. つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚

    That's my favourite one, too. We moved to another room after that and it ended up turning into a chat fest of "Wait, aren't we supposed to take a picture?" and "What did they want us to draw?" with the T-Rex, lol. Lost some focus since we were a group of around 45 and were definitely more noticeable. Everyone wants to see the T-Rex and we were kind of in the way....

    Going again in a couple of hours, but every Friday I'll definitely be going here by myself. I was sketching on a 11x14 pad and I dearly miss having the boards we normally have. So I'm going to buy one when I go grab so other different tools. o(^▽^)o

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    Grab yourself a sketch book. The smalls size might help some in your animation goal. Also, draw people like it was going out of style. Seriously. Its always fun trying to draw a target that could up and leave at any minute.

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    nice sketches jean! :)

    I would love to join you to sketch sometime!!!

    (when i DONT have homework ughhh)

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    ( ̄д ̄) Mostly concentrated on room drawings.... So, so bad at them because the way my mind is trying to understand the grid method is just nope brain gone. So today's pictures are hiding. ;__;

    gdi how do I get from here to Sheridan, I thought I could go from McMaster to the parking lot. Gotta go check it out later. Damn you, GO transit. щ(゚Д゚щ)
    We're drawing with our entire arm ― I'm coming with 18x24 pads next time. None of this mostly wrist stuff until we're getting the important stuff down. I was actually noticing that when the other kids were drawing with pencils, they were slowing way down in everything. When everyone else is doing it, it feels like I should be doing it as well.... but it felt weird to draw like that. xd

    And yeah, I have a different sketchbook for those kinds of gestures. Hanging around gf's uni has made me realize how slouched a lot of these kids are, lol.
    Thanks brah! Nikky mentioned how intense your course was getting. MAYBE ONE DAY. :3

    And I also found you on facebook, HOOHAH. stalkstalkstalking a private profile xd

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    Uhm, prolly 10~20 minutes a hand. I missed the class where they did a lot of basic structure on hands, so I'm a little behind.

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    Dat thumb. TMM syndrome.

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    Hearing you loud and clear.

    Yours are cool, though. Keep at it!

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    Yeah! Will definitely try to draw more hands once I finish most of my mock portfolio. The real one is due at the end of Feb. I wanna see Miek's portfolio for Sheridannnnn. >:3

    ― about 3 or 4 weeks ago, iirc 2 minute.
    ― about 2 weeks ago, 1 minute.
    ― last Sat, 5~10 minutes.

    Woo, some kind of progression! But bad camera.

    Sigh, why are some art books hard to find in Canada.... I'm really enjoying Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing book and want to buy a hardcopy. ;-;

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    I've been drawing a lot, but nothing really worth showing just yet. Some examples of different studies we've done the past month.

    - Plane studies. I'm suffering so much with this and layout/perspective drawings.
    - Basically, trying to simplify the subject into a series of breaks between where places meet abruptly. Top, sides, bottom would be your big plane breaks, while the areas between would be your transitional planes. Too bad I just learnt this like.... yesterday. ;-;
    - nedz to ask teachers about these studies since one says to make them more boxy while the other says they're too boxy if I have the proper construction underneath. @_@;

    - First one is a 10 second blind gesture. iirc the second one is a 30 second contour.
    - Warming up with 2/5/10/30 second gestures is great, especially when you don't look at your paper at all.
    - iirc we did 5min -> 2min -> 1min -> 30 second studies of either planes, contour, or mass.

    - 1 or 2 minute trying to get the tortoise in place sketch.
    - You do the initial gesture before working on a frame by comparing the length and height of the subject. If you make a good frame, then everything within it should fit in place.
    - The other lines are alignment lines to.... see where things within the subject line up with one another, trollolol.

    - I'unno, some sketch of some parrot. A friend and I were going "fcuk wings" and were staring at their weirdo skeletons later.

    zzzz I feel out of place when I post here since everyone just wants to see pretty looking pictures.

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    Thanks, but too bad they're almost all out of proportion. The only one that's very close is the plane study of the tiger. :o

    1 - Fairly off, should have done more constructing to understand it better. I haven't drawn a lot of hands where the flesh is being squished.
    2 - Very off. Just very, very off. ;-;
    3 - Probably the closest to being in proportion. Outline needs to be cleaner, but my teacher liked it it a lot otherwise. [[ this is the oldest one ironically ]]

    Been using woodless graphite pencils lately. They make my work cleaner, but I feel really slow using them.

    also fffuuu when something you spend 10mins on is better than what you spent 20mins on.

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    zzzz, my Seneca portfolio.

    - 2 room drawings

    - 2 original/personal drawings

    - 2 hand drawings

    - 2 life drawings

    - 2 object drawings

    - a look at how I fall apart after ~2 minutes. I just wish it was easier for me to get access to real life drawing classes.

    Considering I haven't drawn seriously before this for 5~6 years, I'm happy with myself. Even if I don't get in this year, there's always January. (๑╹ω╹๑)




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