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  1. Default Diablo3 class thread

    Well, since there is no official diablo 3 thread, i will make this one.

    Follow the link and make your soon-to-be-new-diablo3-character. lol.

    and calculate your skills.

  2. Default

    It looks soooooo cool my friend said it was kinda like borderlands so i wanna try it but i wanna try 2 first, but if i like it ill probably get 3, also all the classes look fun the play )= gonna be a hard choice for people i think.

  3. Default

    My biggest hope for this game is that they will add in Necromancer in an expansion; they even stated that was a possibility on multiple occasions ;_;

  4. Default

    and paladin please :(

  5. Default
    After casting Teleport there is a 2.0 second delay before the cooldown begins.

    oh boy here we pineappleing go.

  6. Default

    I'm definitely going to be a barbarian. Brute melee is always my favorite kind of class.

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    The melee classes seem overpowered, but remember those big numbers and seemingly endless supply of HP regen aren't going to mean much when a monster can 1hit you in Inferno. Hopefully high end gear will have %chance to guts/fury/whatever they want to call the ability to survive a massive overkill with 1HP. I wouldn't be surprised if maxing elemental/physical resists will be the only way to even get past act1 Inferno.

    Which suits me just fine. All that means is that bots can't do it. Which leads me back to my comment on Teleport's Wormhole rune; they need to remove that pomegranate, NOW. That's the ONLY skill that allows a bot to survive in harsh environments, besides alt+f4 I suppose. Bots are made to have decent control, but they do not compare to an actual person with the foresight to see that, hey, a giant wave of rape is approaching, I should run and not rush in.

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    I'm going to make a female demon hunter, never liked the barbarian-way-of-fighting, lol.

    and demon hunter skills looks so op :P

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    Once they release classes that aint made of crap (design wise) I will pick the game up for PS3. The current available classes... To be honest I have not seen a bigger lame factor in such a high profile game, ever.

  10. Default

    could you explain why they are made of crap (design wise)?

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    A bald monk? A black skinny medicine man? An emo dark demon hunter with demonic traits? Stereotype galore? Yes indeed.

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    have you ever played any blizzard games? have you ever saw what a witch doctor mean in the blizzard games? read the story behind the classes then you can say something about crap design lol.

    and iicr, monks are bald even irl lol

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    Do you even know what stereotype means? The story and how the classes are played is highly irrelevant to what i said. It is just a taste thing though.

  14. Default

    well, blizzard made the art concept of them behind the story of them, and they pretty much come from diablo1 and 2 story, so they are just continuing the storyline.

  15. Default

    So excited for this game and cant wait. Love D1 and D2 so much. i just cant figure out what charater i want to be

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal


    ^This. I've always been the "In your face" guy, so I more or less always play melee / bruiser classes.

  17. Default

    i always played paladin, but since blizzard is being gay ;/ I will play a female demon hunter. was looking its skill, lol, smoke bomb = vanish, there is another skill that is like the band of knife? from rogues.

    Just searched over the underground, and the diablo3 beta cracked is going to be up soon, you already can download the BETA (w/o a crack) 3gb the installer lol.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal


    The [F&F] Beta EXE was leaked a while ago on Reddit. I have the installer sitting on my comp.

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    I might try it if they really release a crack, can't wait to play the game :(

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    that's how the beta ends:

    btw, blizzard is sending emails to those that were selected for the closed beta, did anyone get in?



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