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Thread: [MSEA] [v106] Von Leon

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    What the hell is with the Cross Brigade images for Snails and Giant Tomatos? Lmfao

  3. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    Their Von Leon has 2.1b hp
    And wtp is a smart manon?

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    We had that in gMS.
    It's the GM Summon of Pink Bean, iirc.

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    Fiel, can you see the changes in elemental weapons ? They claimed they 'restored' the bonuses, albeit being nerfed but the bonuses were never removed and my damage seems higher before the patch.

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    I see no changes to any elemental weapons for this patch.

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    numbers pls :<

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    thanks, that really cleared my doubt. Wait what, im not the only one complaining about our crippled damages. O.o theres something seriously wrong.

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    Cloud Robe
    Longcoat - All Classes
    Req Level: 37
    STR: +2
    DEX: +2
    INT: +2
    LUK: +2
    HP: +70
    MP: +70
    WDEF: +42
    MDEF: +17
    Magic Attack: +2
    Weapon Attack: +2
    Accuracy: +5
    Avoid: +5
    Cannot resell to merchants
    Scissors of Karma
    10 slots

    i hate them.

    Giant tomato YAY!
    i remember that from eMS :D

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    God, they really copied EMS' La Tomata event.
    That's out Tomato Slime!

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    LF> Instanced Smart Manon!! I'd hit those every hour on the dot!

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    Elemental weapons are screwed over. the 1.25 doesnt even show.. im still holding on to all my wands and staves first.

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    Are you able to compare the damage with an ele weapon and a similar magic attack non-ele weapon?

    LF>GMS fix/renaming for ele weapons. ):

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    Yes i can, i have (almost)similar stats shiny wand and poison wand but its spread among my characters and im too lazy to pass it to my f/p >_>

    EDIT : tested. dmg difference VERY negligible.



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