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  1. Default [KMS] [1.2.135] First Coco Mob

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    Look in "Mob/1-10".


    (PvE) Skill Changes



  2. Default

    So they just backtracked the skill changes..

    Everything other than the starfish (and jellyfish, WHERE ARE YOU FROM JELLYFISH) is for the new Pirate's Treasure event though. Oh and that Balrog. I think it may be for a Cannon Shooter quest, since it could be the Jr. Balrog that shipwrecks your crew at the beginning of the tutorial.

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    OT: is there any art work or is it still a shadow?

  4. Default

    inb4 ''Change the pirates' skin color to blue!!!!''

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    You can't say no to more "d'awww" monsters: Jellyfish and Starfish, Stamp of Approval

    Angry Caribbean Pirate of multiple levels: Ok, I suppose.

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    What might NexonK be thinking? No pirate and thief changes, no Cannon Shooterr released yet, no sort of data of the resistance warrior or archer legend, no info about this summers update.

    Could they be delayed or maybe they are just not releasing anything this summer?
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    Well, he is the Pirate King Barbosa!

  8. Certified Pimento Bi Male
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    And still no mention of either of the 2 legends - Resistance warrior - Secret character 4 either (You know the Added IDs in that past update)

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    That is what I said. The 3 job ID's added before were the Cannon Shooter one, Archer Legend one and Resistance Warrior one (which is not a Legend).

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    >100% Chance Potential scroll

    F'ucking want.

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    It's like Masteria. You won't expect it when it comes.

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    Damm.. that'd be nice to get on GMS... 90% Advance Potential seems to fail often for people 0.o... on the other hand...

    > "Want to protect your items from exploding?"
    > "All new Shielding Wards in Cash Shop today! Get some NX today and become a more powerful Mapler!"

    & yes, they're called "Shielding Ward" in GMS

  13. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
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    Shielding ward.... they ward you from shielding... they stop shielding.... wat?

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    We're on the fast track to the next content update. :3 PIRATE JUMP! PIRATE JUMP! (swear to god if someone tells me they won't have a pirate jump even though they know what i mean...)

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    There won't be a Pirate Jump.


    There needs to be a Thief Revamp first.



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