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    Note that Thread Ratings have been enabled for this subforum.

    When rating a thread please remember you're not rating the content provider's work, but how you actually feel about the patch itself based on what was found in it.

    For newer patches it may be prudent to wait until everything about it has been posted before you rate it or you may find it's not as good/bad as you initially thought.

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    So anyone, even someone making a mult can rate threads or just people with >x post count or are there some restrictions?

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    Wait a minute.. you can rate threads? Never even knew this was a thing.
    What other forums is this a thing for?

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    Does it really matter since it's just a collective opinion on the patch?
    Not like skewing the results would be meaningful in any way shape or form.


    Here and there, such as the artistic forums. It's been under consideration for current events and nexon announcements.

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    would there be a way of allowing fiel to choose when to open the rating system? or make it work after X time, so that people can get a good luck at it and not act on a whim?

    EDIT @ EOS: yea, but it's mostly to get an accourate feedback, instead of some guy samming his mults because he thinks this patch is the worst/best ever and everyone should agree on it.

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    Might be a nub question, how do u rate a thread? o.o

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    Accurate feedback is only meaningful if you have something you intend to do with it / use it for.
    Considering there's so little motivation to actually do it, and so few people have enough mults to try, and the creation of a dozen mults would be highly obvious and stopped, it's a lot of worrying over nothing.

    By using the "Rate this thread" drop-down options in the upper right corner of the thread.

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    I must be blind because I don't see it.

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    It's there for me.

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    I don't see it either. o_o

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    Should be here.

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    Gogo permissions check?

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    Waffles has/d his permissions already

    Running a rebuild.



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