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Thread: [MSEA] [v104] Big Bang

  1. Default [v104] Big Bang

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    Note - this extraction is for v102 --> v104. Patch 103 was not available on the FTP server.


    More coming...

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    Mob (New)

    Last edited by Fiel; 2011-05-18 at 11:57 AM.

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    Our premium miracle cubes are pineappling expensive.

    Nice to know that the Resistance data's already inside, though. Thanks Fiel.

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    the update has went pretty smooth so far, no lags, cock ups w/s/e other than the 55minute(SG) and 60min(MY) extended downtime. im impressed.

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    I think Aquila's still experiencing subpar connectivity, though. I hope there won't be an imminent rollback...

    All the source accessories (rings, belts, and necklaces) look like copies of the rewards from the visitor event. o.0

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    Except with better names.

    Onxy is pretty lulzy though

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    Eh nothing new here..L>KMST Archer patch

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    It should be out tonight.

  9. Mercury Male
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    Premium Miracle Cube only 8500 cash? Cheaper than expected.

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    Blessing for the Prodigal Son
    Multiplies your EXP by 3 for 60 min.

    DO WANT.

    Last edited by Avior; 2011-05-19 at 12:10 AM.

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    10 straight days? O_O

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    We only get the Evolving Ring II. I hope we get the first Evolving Ring, otherwise we're missing out again.

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    Forgot to say:

    Thanks Fiel.


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    Question. Are those Goddess boots in KMS? Otherwise I think we just saw an accidental sneak peek at the new revamped PQs.

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    The Goddess Boots are in KMST and KMS.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    lol MSEA gets to keep their "now overpowered" x2 exp coupons post-Big Bang? Can't wait til they get LHC.

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    I remember seeing in an announcement that MSEA's 2x exp cards would be removed for BB.

  18. Lead Ball
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    Yes it got removed.


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