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  1. Default Welcome to!

    I've finally decided to create a place of my own. So, thanks to a few of my buddies (BD & Trunks, can't thank you enough!) I've finally been given a place of my own here at This place will be my home for all of the latest and hottest Maplestory data extractions and I'd love to have you join me here!

    Please register for the forums and get posting! Nexon has always been good about showing us a wild ride. Let's see what new and exciting things they bring out next.


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    hey Paul. good lookin, keep it up !

  3. Default

    yayayay go !
    I dislike that Titanium style skin, though. It's too distracting and un-clean IMO, might scare away users. >_> *switched to Default*

    ps. Tranx is a n00b. You don't want him as an admin, srsly.

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    Nifty keen.
    I was wondering how long it would take you to get moved off the hell that is xd
    Last edited by Daakun; 2008-07-01 at 04:20 PM.

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    I love how you're GI'd now in Wonder how much of an uproar it will cause.

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    Grats on the new place, Fiel (:
    SW will not be SW without you, though .

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    I just made a massive catgirl suicide on SW, if anyone wants to go look. >_>

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    Their all so cute! :3

    Why'd you do this, though?

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    It's not like I'm going to need sleepywood anymore or anything. >_>

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    Well, other then Isaac, (poor guy, he's all alone now) SW's no good anymore for updates. xD I wonder what Basil's gunna say when they hear about this...

  11. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: OldPoot
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 7x
    Job: DK


    Thanks for the welcome

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    Well, it's nice to know there is a place here where you won't get warned and banned for calling someone rude :(.

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    It's nice to know there's still a place where we can keep up with your updates. SW will be really boring without you, though.



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