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    I'm not entirely sure I agree with everything said here, but a lot of it is sadly true.
    Which assertions he makes can you prove/disprove?

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    Sounds like he has an axe to grind.

    Hmmm, lemme dissect his argument:

    - On the whole, the public did not accept gay people in the 70's and 80's.
    - When gays were more likely to be affected by AIDS in the 80's after it became a hot button issue, the public did nothing to stop its growth in gays because people hate gays.
    - Now gays, according to the general population, are infected with AIDS and disease and are not part of the general population.
    - Therefore, AIDS is the reason why gays are not accepted in the community.

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    I didn't get that bit.
    All I got was a lot of "the man is keeping us sick because we're hated and they don't want us to get better".

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    I agree with Fiel. I don't think the article is much more than a gay man tired and bitter after fighting for 30 years and seeing nothing change. I don't blame him, since it's 2010 and we're just barely starting to see some things on his list of "what they tell us we can't do" begin to change, ex. legal adoption of children (in select locations), ability to serve openly in the armed forces (DADT just repealed), gay students organizing in schools (more prevalent on college campuses but gaining ground in high schools), gay murder as hate crimes (UN just voted overwhelmingly to deem murder in the name of sexual orientation a hate crime), and light, basic PDA (definitely acceptable, though again in select locations).

    I think his issue is the same as one of my Mom's good friends, who has been with her partner for 20 years and still has trouble believing change is occurring at all. When I was home for break these past few weeks my mother told me of the day DADT was repealed and how her friend, her coworker, walked to her room and asked her if the law was really repealed. Even though my mother kept insisting it was, saying how she saw it in the news and knew I was spamming about the repeal, her friend still acted as if she had major doubts. Ultimately my mom believes her friend has been living in a world for so long that has done nothing but hate and ignore her that it's hard to believe things are actually changing (which, again, also understandable with the vote for gay marriage in California, the passage of Prop 8, and then the pseudo-repeal of it this past August).

    So in the end I think that's what he's getting at: this is a person who has lived through, arguably, the worst times of LGBT oppression in the history of the United States, and is looking for some reason for it all. I think his arguments are very one-sided (read: AIDS + the man), when, again, things really are changing, perspectives are shifting, and the reason it appears things haven't been done with regards to AIDS is not because people don't give a pomegranate or want to make money (though the bit about the pharmaceutical companies and antiretrovirals, I imagine, is disturbingly true), but because it is one of the worst biological nightmares ever faced by the human species. All I'll say is take a look at the massive global effort needed to eradicate smallpox, and then compare the numbers and the viruses themselves and see how bloody difficult it is to eradicate AIDS.

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    I see a lot of typical hippie fear mongering against "the man."

    Saying "AIDS was allowed to happen. It is a plague that need not have happened. It is a plague that could have been contained from the very beginning." Is just a terrible lie. With the beginning spread of the disease, no one knew about or understood it, including the man. It's like the whole "the government got everyone in the hood addicted to crack to keep the black populace under control" theory with less evidence, plausibility, or sense behind it. I mean in all seriousness if i were personally the man and i did hate and even for whatever reason wanted to eliminate gays, i'd want to curtail the spread of AIDs at any cost as it obviously cuts into the population which is how i draw my "power" according to the "logic" that dictates these scenarios of super powerful faceless person(s) controlling the world. So either this man, who or whatever body of persons he may be, is incredibly stupid while somehow keeping the entire world in the dark and under his control, or the author is grinding that axe pretty hard.

    I think I'll go with the more likely option.

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    I read this a little while ago and was disappointed.

    I was looking for an article with an actual argument behind it. Perhaps some statistics thrown in as well. Maybe an insider look at something that doesn't receive the attention it deserves.

    Instead what I got was an opinion letter from an old bitter man. I kept waiting for him to point somewhere, give me something to believe any of this is more than just the rant of a man who thinks he's been burned by the system.
    When i got towards the end I thought he was finally going to lead me to the smoking gun. "This plague of HIV/AIDS was intentionally allowed to happen." Give me something. I was shocked that was the end of it.
    Not to mention his list was laughable. Repeating himself within it and then saying he could come up with thousands more.

    Lacking substance and a waste of time in the end. I go in expecting bias, what I got was something far past that.



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