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  1. Default [1.2.360] PvP Balancing P1

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    Part 1 because... Heaven knows the next patch will bring more balancing.

    - All skills which consume summoning rocks or magic rocks no longer consume rocks.
    - Dragon Roar - Targets decreased from 15 to 10. Damage increased from 580 to 858.
    - Chains of Hell - Damage decreased from 86% to 80%. Cooldown of 5 seconds added. Range decreased from 450 to 400.

    Dragon Knight
    Dragon Roar - damage (858 --> 580); mobCount (10 --> 15)

    Octopus - time (22 --> 30)


    Certain equips now give "charmEXP". Items which give charmEXP include CZak Helm, CHT Pendant, Glittering Altaire Earrings, and other items such as these. Just looking at the data, I have no idea how this affects item readouts or the Profession skills.


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    That's better, but I don't know what the f'uck good that would do when DBs are killing everything in a single CoH or a CoH + FB.

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    One little question... The charm exp, is it on Lord Pirate's hat? If you have doubts on what one I mean, welcome to the forum.

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    Good riddance.

    I think it needs more of a damage nerf, though. :X

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    I call this BS

    A damage reduction of 6%? a Cooldown time of 4 seconds? Come on KMS, I know they are a premium class and all but that doesn't mean they gotta kick everyone's ass

    They need to set a damage quantity to every attack, then divive that quantity by the number of hits said attack deals. So a 1 hit attack will be as strong as a 16 hits attack. Then that would be balanced.

    Fiel, are these and the other Cygnus warriors in the other thread regular mobs or bosses?.

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    KMST v359
    KMST v360
    When they stop change ?

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    What they SHOULD do, in my opinion, is to give everyone a buff to make everyone's HP and MP values the max level or a specific amount (like 30,000). THEN they should make everyone's damage equal, like the post above.

  8. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Um, is there supposed to be something in the Accessory spoiler?

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    So DBs have their 1hko CoH, does snipe work as well?

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    This is probably common sense and a dumb question but im going to ask anyway ;p. The CoH cd for 5 secs is just for when you pvp correct? or is this a perma change for that skill? If its a perma change then that is kinda of lame. PvP only i can understand since that is pretty OP.

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    needs to nerf damage more than give it a cool down. the cool down only leaves the chance for a revenge kill if you can survive. And even then, you're one attack away from being dead.

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    As all the skills are based on % damage and not fixed values, why is everyone assuming that CoH will be a 1hko, based on nothing but one video from Spadow? Spadow's video hardly showed enough to make any real conclusions; only that Magic Guard doesn't work in PvP for some reason and that Spadow isn't very good at the game.

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    This and no MG is big minus, no matter how good you are.

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    Boo...I was hoping db's wouldn't get a pvp nerf...

  15. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
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    lolwut they were clearly overpowered.

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    Haha oh wow, and I've heard from others on Tespia that CoH is autodeath. You can't escape it if you walk into the range I believe, CoH + Mirror Image is going to be alot of damage regardless.

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    look at his info.

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    LOL. I didn't even notice that.

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    inb4 hacker dual blades in gms take pvp to henesy.



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