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  1. Default Power Leveling vs Leeching Clarification

    I'm hoping this will shut people up regarding the whole leeching issue.
    I actually opened a ticket about it and Hime's post was the response.

    Link in Lallent's response is TS

    First useful thing I've gotten out of Lallent, yay.

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    is it just me or does the nexon forum takes like 2+ minutes to load?

    anyways, so they are saying you are banned because you used RL money to buy power lvling service. that's completely BS since they can never know if you used RL money or not. I bet they just randomly look at some players who are leeching and just flipped a coin to determine if they bought the service with RL money or not and then ban them.

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    Yeah, their forum is excruciatingly slow for me on most days.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to determine who was a legitimate leecher vs illegit by using IP addresses, account sharing assumptions, and similar logic to guess at who was and wasn't being leeched, but ultimately, yeah - They have absolutely no way to prove if you paid someone to leech you unless you openly talked about it somewhere they could monitor. It's purely speculation on thier parts.

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    The one time leechers got banned besides leeching off hackers would've been when they banned a bunch of people for gaining x exp in y time because of BigFoot glitch abuse. :s

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    I don't think they are saying anyone was banned for purchasing power leveling services. The recent bans just happened to catch some big-time leechers and some people who had leveled quickly through heavy training, as well as some Bigfoot glitchers.

    I do wish they had addressed "leeching for NX Cash/Items" as clearly as they stated that leeching for mesos is fine and dandy according to the ToS. I'm guessing they don't mind the sales of extra 2x cards, but it's always nice to have these things stated in plain and simple terms.

    (Edit: I still think leeching your way to the top is sad, but... this will settle many arguments, so it's a good thing in that respect.)

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    Actually there were multiple forms of abuse during that period, including leeching 60s off Anego.

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    Why does Hime have a sniper avatar?

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    Maybe so, but the only thing that prompted the bans was that everyone was mass lvling through and Yellonde really had messed up ranks. :s

  9. DUCKS
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    So basically, they're telling us to use common sense. If the way you are leveling are in any way unfair... bam.

    Basically, if you're gifting the person nx (kinda say, lots of it), though it's not real money, you may be banned.

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    how is that abuse, thats just like having a bishop or AM ultimate all ove rthe map

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    Because there is absolutely nothing in the game that you could leech off of via ultimate spamming that will earn you 3,900,000 xp ( on 1x) and definitely nothing you can kill yourself at that level in the time a nightlord or similar can kill Anego for you.

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    Just like politics......... gotta be as vague as you can

    This doesn't answer the REAL QUESTION AT ALL

    How the pineapple did they determine who was

    A. Buying power leveling services
    B. Buying Leech
    C. Glitching BigFoot
    D. Just leveling their ass off

    All hime did was define the difference between leech, power leveling, and power leveling services. Then show how they are against the TOS.
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    That wasn't actually my question though - I just wanted to know where they were drawing the metaphorical line. They'll never tell us how they made their guesses. I just wanted people to shut up with the "leeching is illegal" crap.

    Feel free to submit a ticket asking for their methodology. The answer should be quite hilarious

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    there is no glitch being abused so there is nothing about it that is illegal. before people could leech of anego leeching of a Bishop was the same, where else can a 8x get 1 lv in 1 hour?

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    Any mapler with common sense already knows that buying power leveling services/mesos from one of those websites is illegal. Anyone who does it and pleads ignorance is only trying to get out of being caught.

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    She's level 130.
    A level 60 gaining experience from her is pretty clearly outside the bounds of the normal leeching rules of "within 5 levels".

    It's not comparable to leeching off a bishop to get XP from mobs within your level range. Noone is comparing it to that except the idiots who are screaming that any form of leeching is banworthy and the whole point of this post is that Nexon clearly has stated player-to-player leeching is fine.

  17. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    The real question? Well, the real questions in the statement from Nexon is answered. I did not assume more. Eventually, ask yourself.

    So really, as long as you deal 1 damage to the monster, you are allowed to get experience from it. The question here should rather be if a powerguarding person deals damage to the monster or not.

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    leeching of anego is player to player leeching. a cleric can go to himes at 60, they are lv 100, there is a 40 lv gap there too. no one ever said they are doing something wrong. a 8x can newty, thats more than 5 lv gap. people killed zakum at lv 10x at first, thats a 40 lv gap. there is nothing that says you cant kill a monster that is too high level. i remember killing GKs at 7x and i dont see why that was wrong. if i can get exp from a monster that in no way abuse a glitch then its ok. being a 3x, 4x, 5x, or 6x warrior leeching of anego is fine as long as you aint hacking it.

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    If Anego is flagged as a boss, there is almost no legitimate way a 60 could hit her, short of having a 400 accuracy. Using Powerguard to do so when you normally couldn't would be every bit as much an abuse as the players who used three-snails to do 1 damage in the past.

    You've obviously missed the whole point of the 5 level gap's relation to the conversation, and arguing Nexons logic with me is like arguing god's logic with a squirrel - neither of us care about your opinion because it is what it is and your incomprehension won't change it
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    tell that to the thousands of people who pay for leeching magicians at newties. in fact, tell that to people like this

    seriously, what low level players play this game for experience and fun anymore? all the low levels want is a free level 15x character so they can screw around.



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