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  1. Default [Guide] Training at Dark Drakes

    Since I found training here to be excellent, I decided I'd create a guide for this.

    This guide is specifically written for Dawn Warriors since that is what my class is in Zenith. But I'm sure you could easily adapt this guide to any class (especially Aran). It turns out that Dawn Warriors have specific skills which allows them to really abuse this map for all its worth.

    How to get there

    Mob Stats

    Recommended Skills & Level

    Minimap and Map Layout

    Map Cycling
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    I'm gonna check it out for slinger and see how good it is at lvl 59.

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    I actually much preferred the exterior map over the mini dungeon. The spawn seems much more condensed on each platform, and a bit less jumping around. The only problem is that SNACK BAR that's stupidly over levelled compared to the drakes. Annoying as pomegranate.

    But anyway, next character I create I'll try out this method of yours. Looks like you put quite a bit of effort into this.

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    So I gave it a try. Not the best spot for slingers... damage to exp ratio isn't really worth it. I got 1 lvl (59-60) in about 40 minutes using 1.2exp. As far as drops, I got a bunch of Dark Shouldermail Pants (F), Umber Shouldermail Pants (M), Dark Slain, and 1 set of steelies.



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