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  1. Default [Module] The Restructuring | Delays & Ranges

    Since people seem to have taken an interest in knowing all of the current delays and ranges for calculations and such (and because it was requested), I will happily comply with such a request!

    All Delays & Ranges
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    From: illusion is 810ms;earthquake is 1170ms
    but there illusion is 960ms;earthquake is 1260ms
    so,which is true?

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    Fiel Shark Wave doesnt have a Range, neither does Avenger, Savage Blow, Double Shot Recoil Shot and a bunch of others I cant be bothered listing. lol

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    I've always wondered why Nexon made Evan's Maple Warrior longer than everyone elses.

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    That's because they don't have a boxed range but they do have a delay. I don't see anything wrong here.

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    What Range do they have then? Any way to show us?

    Oh and I dont see Wild Arrow Blast at all for WH.

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    Nope. If they had a range I could show, I'd do it.

    In regards to the delays for Evans - DERP.

    Very glad you guys are pointing out these inconsistencies. It helps fix bugs bugs bugs so they don't creep up later.

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    I think Stink Bomb Shot, Heroes Will and Wild Instinct are missing as well from WH.

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    Hero's Will doesn't have one listed. Not for WH anyway.
    Wild Instinct is a passive, so why would it have a delay?
    Stink Bomb Shot doesn't have a delay as it operates on a charge up which calls for different mechanics.

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    Ahh my bad, I wasnt sure so I just mentioned them on the off chance, would help it I read Korean as that was what I was going off.

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Obviously they do have some kind of range, since they don't hit everything/everywhere.
    If it's not in the same box format as other skills' ranges, that just means you need to dig further to find it :-)

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    Yeah, like in the client. Can you unpack it for me? Please? Pretty please?

  14. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful


    Seriously? Wow. Why would they hard-code some skill data into the executable? So inconsistent.

  15. Self-titled badass
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    Could it be that some of these skills like this use normal attack ranges (savage blow and double shot as an example)? And others display differently to the user than they do to other people (e.g. sharkwave)?

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    a lot of skills that should have delays listed, like ground smash and magic claw, don't. Is there something special about skills like these?

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    Magic Claw and Ground Smash use the standard delay of 810ms.

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    Oh, ok.

  19. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
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    This thread reminds me why gMS sucks for Arans again.

    As much I love BB, I still cry over the fact that gMS Arans cant get purple surfboard.



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