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  1. Default Tenured User's Benefits

    Accounts who've been registered with the forum over a year will now receive a 150 PM quota instead of the usual 50 PM limit.

  2. Default

    Donators are not "Registered Users", you're donators. You have your own unique cap already, not the 50 that was specifically stated is raised.

  3. Default

    50 more than I suggested, nice.

    What Eos did was create a second normal usergroup then add it into the promotion system vBulletin has, the promotion system moves someone from one usergroup to another once they have met a set of requirements such as post count, join date or even how much rep they have. Since donor usergroups are their own special usergroups not part of the promotion system they wouldn't get the increase normal members get. Unless Eos bumps your limit up to 850 of course.

  4. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
    Job: Working Hard
    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth


    Sweet! Thanks Eos :D

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A



    Now let's wait another year before we start complaining our PM inbox is too small again.

  6. Default

    By that time the top 100 members will all be donors.

  7. Default

    Cool, thanks. I'd like to save my PMs as well, and saving them to a hard drive equals putting them into oblivion.

  8. Water
    IGN: tzkbowman
    Server: Scania
    Level: 120
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: [A]rrowAcademy
    Alliance: N/A


    After two years, I have a grand total of six PMs.

    This is good for more active users, though.

  9. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Awesome! I know ive had to empty my box twice, and might have lost some needed items in doing so, now it should be safer :D

  10. Default

    I'm not really familiar with vB, but aren't donators both "Donators" and "Registered Users", with "Donators" being their default group?

    Also, thanks for increasing the inbox size

  11. Default

    At first I was like "Awesome" but then I realized I already have 750 and then I realized I use four.


  12. Default

    Very nice of you. After joining this forum shortly after creation, I've probably gotten 20 PM's. Man, I'm so pro.

  13. Default

    Were they all hate mail?
    Opinions are our specialty!

  14. Default

    Most of mine is. It's mostly people telling me to back off or infractions.

  15. Lead Ball Straight Male
    IGN: Arrg
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 192
    Job: Viper
    Guild: Century (leader)
    Alliance: Foreigner


    Join Date:

    ...private messages :

  16. Default

    I've actually had to archive my private messages about 3 times after deleting the ones I don't care to save, meaning I've sent and received at least 150, and probably closer to 250 messages. This expansion was very welcome.

  17. God of Terrorism Straight Male
    IGN: Bomber123
    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
    Job: Terrorist
    Guild: Noctivagant
    Alliance: I dont remember
    Farm: ExpiredMobs


    Grats to everyone else, my only PMs given were through that expired infractions I got, and nothing else ;__;

  18. Default

    Well considering your join date is 9/23 exactly what did you expect?
    Even on 9/23 you won't be eligible until your exact anniversary time and then you'll only upgrade the next time the system checks for it after you've passed your anniversary, so it could take until the 24th to actually get the benefit.



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