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Thread: [MSEA] [0.61] Malaysia

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    Well as you know they get what we get, but first.

    They do work closely together so I wouldn't be surprised to get something similar looking later.

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    Wow a theme park! Didn't see that one coming! It makes me wonder about Cody's Theme Park...and if they are going to re-use tiles and backgrounds from this park? I don't see what makes the emo slime so emo...

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    I think people fail to see that emo = emotional. o_o

    ROFL @ the NPCs.

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    pomegranate, Fantasy Theme Park 1 looks extremely Inferno-friendly. And by induction, very good for WKs and F/Ps as well.

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    I suppose they're making these maps extremely mobby seeing as how these exp/HP ratios are pretty bad...but dang i'm seeing 30+ mobs on these maps.

    What exactly does fiel mean when he says ## x *insert monster name*?

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    That's how many spawn points are on the map for that particular monster.

    I think.

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    Yep, it's spawn points. However that's only slightly indicative of how many monsters are on the map. The map limit might be low, which would prevent them all from spawning at once, or it might be really high (Like the Guardians map at CK, it only has 8 spawn points but there's always more than 8 guardians)

  8. Wanderer of the Dark
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    the yabberdoo thing cracks me up. i love the double reference to scooby doo and the flintstones. two of my favorite childhood cartoons rendered oddly combined in an mmo, its pretty much made of win

  9. Electron

    Server: Demethos
    Level: ?_?
    Guild: none, lol
    Alliance: ^


    betcha all this gets renamed as the "Global Themepark"

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    Reused asserts?
    Perhaps, but the primary difference between the area we will be getting and this is that this is based off of a local theme park.

    Ours is based off of the North American theme park, there are differences.

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    Whoh! The monsters here look VERY unusual O_O.
    Reminds me of a carnival or some sort and even more surpisingly is how strong they are...

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    betcha this ain't gonna come true

  13. Flatpanel TV
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    I see the Haunted House over there...
    "Nerf it! NERF IT!!" :P

    wow what a ripoff...

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    Yep, I think that's the park is based on. I remember a lot of MSEA players begging for that to be their exclusive lol.

  15. Helium Atom
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    Server: Broa
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    Here are some videos if any of you want to take a look.

    Its interresting how the charmers fight: They play a flute which makes the snake attack you.

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    What you expect, Our maps are so good others want them =P
    Still not to bad maps.

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    hi.. i'm frm maplesea..
    actually i feel that malaysia map is nice..
    the drop rate is freaking high..
    i can earn 1mil in one hour w/o 2x coupon.



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