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  1. Default Post Your Latest Accomplishment

    Come on Kradia post your lastest accomplishments
    Bossing,Leveling,Scrolling, what ever accomplishment you made.

  2. Helium Atom
    IGN: Protected
    Server: Gerrant
    Level: 32
    Job: Priest
    Guild: Risen
    Alliance: Somnium


    Gained 3 levels today, reached 14x, and passed my old character "DeadlyHeartx"!

  3. Default

    lvled my PermBeginner to 30. ;D

  4. Default

    Grats on 14x and lvl 3x,I got to 115 ohshyt 5 more lvls.
    (If you like post some ss)

  5. Default

    Woah dude, you still play here? Remember me at Squid parties with your FP? :p

  6. Default

    Nah I don't play Maple constantly but I started a few days ago. I quit in december.

    I trained at squids with a few people, I can't remember them all. There was a male archer that I forgot his name, something with o's and l's, this dutch guy with aspergers, viotechs, random people I met, and an xbow I pqd with.

  7. Default

    wow, i did the same!

  8. Zim Lee Shoes
    IGN: Zimlicious
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 69
    Job: 69
    Guild: Harmony
    Alliance: Dynasty


    Long long time ago with 70%s... and never used a 60 as much nowadays after this incident (more luckier with 70s anyways)


    Soloed Pap forgotten that I ran out of rocks again -.-"


    And yeah... Will attempt something new in the near future. (This run took about 3hrs-ish)


    Worst scrolling spree of all equips

    Last edited by Zim; 2008-07-17 at 09:06 AM.

  9. Default

    I learned to play the sweeping intro to Bat Country dual. (:

  10. Default

    Looong time since anyone has posted, lol.


    Just passed my 3rd book. Now I just need to level to be able to put points into it.

  11. Default

    Leveled my Islander to 35 finaly.

    I also have been working on a Pirate.



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