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  1. Default [0.88] [ENG] Dual Blade Skill Tables

    If you see this symbol -->

    It means the following:
    1. There is a mistake for that value
    2. The mistake is Nexon's fault and is not a transcription error

    Blade Recruit (20-29)

    Blade Acolyte (30-54)

    Blade Specialist (55-69)

    Blade Lord (70-119)

    Blade Master (120+)
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  2. Heavily armored Humvee
    IGN: TheSovereignBowi
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: The League
    Guild: Of Draven


    Dammit. A year without Maple was so good for me... I want my DB though. ._.

    The 10-20 skills are lvl10 Double Stab, Dark Sight, and Nimble Body, yes?
    Can you actually team-kill with Monster Bomb or is that just description mumbo-jumbo?
    Chains of Hell is like DB assassinate? Does it take you out of dark sight?

  3. Default

    Yes, and Disorder.
    I'm pretty sure it's description mumbo-jumbo, but I would love to see it work on players.
    Yes and yes, but if you have Advanced Dark Sight, you have a chance to stay in Dark Sight even after the attack.

    Also Fiel, would you be able to find out the GMS names for the classes?

  4. Default

    I can get the names of the books (what shows in the skill window), but I can't get the names that show in the bottom left corner. Those are in the client.

  5. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    So what happens with lvl 8 Owl Spirit? Does it just show up without hitting anything? Or does it hit everything?

  6. Default

    Thorns: Crit Rate 35% - 120 Seconds - Crit Damage 250%
    Description: Grants a higher chance of getting critical attacks. Party members only gain half of the effect, and the skill is restricted when you use abilities with high critical chances. #cLv. 11 or above: Mastery Book required#

    > 125% Crit Damage for other party members? Isn't that worse than SE?
    The Crit Rate is super hot though. Like, spicy hot.

  7. Default

    You actually can hurt other people with it, I'm pretty sure it doesn't do a whole ton of damage though. The max I've seen it do is like 1.3k.

    The names of the classes 2nd+ and up are on the mastery books.

  8. Default

    If is 12% or 13% critical rate is worse.
    It's also just for 60 seconds?

  9. Default

    lol yay maplestory PVP if only for dual blades! You can go kill afk people in heny now :D

  10. Default

    Dang I was gonna make one as a Thorns mule, but if it's only 17.5%crit and 125%dmg then SE would be better, wouldn't it?

  11. Default

    The description of skills have never been accurate, this one isn't accurate either. Thorns depends on your class if anything.

  12. Default

    Crit dmg is the only thing that is halved, crit chance remains the same. 35% chance ftw

  13. Proton
    IGN: MachineKing
    Server: CulvrinKMS
    Level: 5X
    Job: BattleMage
    Guild: NON
    Alliance: NON


    LoLoL Katara Waht the heck nexon?!

  14. Default

    A katar(a) is technically a type of dagger meaning DBs are wielding two daggers/blades...
    Just noticed...Sudden Raid summons 7 ninjas/thieves each shooting 2 arrows yet it attacks 15 monsters...yay magically extra arrow?
    Whats up with lvl 12 slash storm... and lvl 10 bloody storm...?

  15. Default

    It's interesting to think build that never use NX.

    But its possible and you would be kinda efficient.

  16. Default

    I counted eight.


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