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  1. Default [1.2.329] Everything Harder

    Looks like they fixed a lot of mistakes that are in the current KMS, and all of them deal with bosses. PB now rightly does +20k touch damage. Its PDRate and MDRate are now 50% (!!!). I think most people will find KMS's current victories over PB to be illegitimate considering these massive buffs of major bosses.

    Skill Changes




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    oh great, the only neutral skill bishop had, big bang, now is holy element, lmao, nexon pineappleed with bishop again, bishop's resort now is to only train on holy weak monster hahaha

    nexon doesnt know what they are doing...

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    I hope they fix that a bit more. Right now, it's starting to deal less damage than triple throw on two monsters.

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    What a silly thing to say.

    All this does is keeps them from training on Holy resistant monsters, of which there are very little. Why are you complaining?

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    Big bang for Bishop is now holy element,so it has 50% extra critical rate!Archmage also benefit from L/F element~

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    Haha time for Pink bean to start bustin' heads again

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    Avenger nerf... NOO!! But as long as the dps is better than TT on 3 monsters+ I´ll llive with it....

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    some bosses are holy imune, so they will have to use magic claw forever?

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    Darn, I think 30 minutes to kill a boss is already on the long side, I dont want it to take longer.

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    What do you mean by everything harder? Is there something we're not seeing yet? I assume it to be major buffs for booses, but which ones and how particularly?

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    Those bastards made our only neutral skill holy element? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!! God dangit.. *sobs*

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    So physical damage can only work as 25%?

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    Hanzel and Gretel much?

    When are they gonna add the mechanic job and it's skills? 2 weeks before the official release?

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    Makes me wonder if DoT bypasses M/P-DRate.

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    Yay for fake difficulty!
    It just makes things take twice as long. Nexon... learn to add proper difficulty plz.

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    Bigfoot and CWKPQ. Who else? You're over exaggerating =\

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    Now there will be thousands of people who can't agree on when PB was killed...

    What's PDrate? :x

    *sigh* I hate that it seems like Wizet's just guessing at what changes to make without thinking of the consequences.

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    Zakum, if I remember correctly.

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    just the lack of option for training areas. they need to stick with the same training area for too many lvls.

    well i guess we are used to it.



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