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  1. Default [1.2.326] Combat Orders/Final Attack list

    Credit to Blitzkrieg for the translations.

    These skills use Combat Orders

    These skills use Final Attack
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    Google translator is poor :(

    But for paladin, FA work witrh rush/blast, for hero, it work with brave slash/rush/monster magnet.

    about the combat order, it work with almost every 4job skill :o, it work with maple warrior, sharp eyes, blast, brandish, advanced combo, etc :p

    Something weird about combat order: its a 3job skill that basically only work with 4job skills o_o

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    Combat Orders?
    I must have missed that in the last extraction. Would anyone mind elaborating on what that is?

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    Since FA works with Strafe (I'm guessing that's what "Rafe forest" is from Google Translate), would that imply it works with Ultimate Strafe?

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    Adds two levels to all of the skills in the list. It's a WK skill.

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    this^ ninja'ed ;(

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    Excelent. I'd love if it was all in english, though D:

    Having a bad time with Night Lord's.

    EDIT: Nevermind, managed to see through it. SO! Throwing star master is in there... Better chances to recharge, HECK YEAH. Also, main attacks... I spot sharp eyes... Maple hero... Looks FANTASTIC.

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    so does it mean, if i have lvl 30 mw, and i use combat order, i will have lvl 32 mw?

    we need videos of paladin using combat order :(

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    That is correct. And it can go further, with skill adding equipments.

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    that is kinda odd, i think fiel can extract the skill to see if it can go past its max lvl.

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    I can calculate values beyond a skill's maximum level, yes. I fully plan on including that with the new skill tables I'm working on.

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    Toldya, Fiel! You didn't believe me!

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    I'm lost. When did I not believe you?

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    Not it's not, the qoute of Fiel you posted was from an outdated description. New battle order increase above maximum of the listed skills. If I'm going to guess I'll say it might not work on the Paladin casting it, but I don't know.

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    it's hard to get used to paladins going from complete obscurity to being the party general and making such a huge impact on bosses with CO and threaten.

    not to mention being completely friggin invincible while spamming instant death attacks... yeesh.

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    There's a problem with Beholder's Buff and Combat Orders I hope gets fixed.

    If you use Combat Orders with Beholder's Buff, the time between buffs becomes 0 seconds. Does that mean you get all buffs instantly? I'm not sure. But I hope it doesn't cause a game crash. If you get an item which gives +1 to Beholder's Buff on top of that, the time between buffs would become -2. I cannot fathom how that could be calculated.

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    Anyways, I think some variables might be locked at max level. For example, MP costs get locked at max level. Maybe some other skills have other locked values, like recast time.

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    What's your source that MP cost is locked beyond max level?

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    A pair of screenshots with a reverse weapon going over the limit. Or... Maybe it was an odd number making it not go up...

    What I know, is that 30 -> 31 had the same mp cost on brandish.



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