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  1. Default Monsterbook data

    It's nothing fancy. This data is in pretty much the same format as the database.



    EDIT: Post has been updated with Time Temple mobs.

    EDIT 2: Post is now updated to reflect uploading on the server

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    Nice, thanks a lot for this

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    I thought there were lore entries on the monsters. Was I wrong in that, or are they simply not present in our data yet?

    Also: lack of version-original monsters makes me sad.

    ps was looking around and came across Rexton having an untranslated Mastery Book listed. Would this be for a Pirate skill? The name of the skill is "피스메이커", Google translated to "Peace Makers".

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    Intresting, our monster book does have some pirate items.

    Ah well, it's a shame theres no masteria or amorian monsters in there (yet).

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    There is lore, but I chose not to include it because it's still in Korean.

    I've already included all of the skillbook/mastery guide locations in the fourth job skill tables for Pirates. You can probably cross reference the skill there.

    EDIT: KMST has included drops for the Time Temple if I recall. I'll see what I can do about including that information. I know that the information for Pink Bean is not listed, so that won't be included.

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    While the drop data in there appears to be accurate, they haven't done any other localization on the monster book as far as client data is concerned right now. The passages are still in Korean and they haven't made any for Masteria/Amoria monsters yet. I'd also bet that we'll get the Zipangu monster book cards whenever we do get this, that might be one of the hold-ups with this.

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    Too lazy ; didn't download

    We -should- be getting this within the next few patches.

    What does this download contain?

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    I'm starting to worry we won't get Monster book until pirates come out. Who knows when that will be... ): Monster book being delayed because of pirates = T____T.

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    Pirates might be coming out soon because of those Ads looked like they were coming soon.

    Btw, I 90% think we're going to get Pirates before Christmas, or as a Christmas patch.

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    I wouldn't worry about that too much, there's nothing associated with pirates in the monster book. In fact the Monster Book was one of those "Keep them held over until pirates are finished" additions. It came out in KMS while pirates were still being tested.

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    Whoa. I skimmed through the "everything.html" file, and a lot of stuff drops Chaos Scrolls. o_o

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    Since I'm assuming this comes from GMS data only, it has pirate bullets and scrolls on the drop lists. Is that associated :/?

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    that could easily be removed. XD
    I don't think they've adjusted the drop tables for GMS in all honesty, it's just that ours are very close to, if not identical to, KMS's, so it appears that way.

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    The drop tables posted came from KMST, not from GMS, and there isn't much of a difference anyway. KMST happens to be more complete, so I use that one instead.

    I used the GMS String.wz wherever I could. If those failed, I used the KMST String.wz instead.

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    Wait... what is this? There's going to be some drop list in-game? Sorry, somebody update me. I'm confused.

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    Five different cards drop from every monster. Do something with all five cards and you get a book. The book for each monster has a list of it's drops. :x
    That's my understanding, Nelon. Isaac or Fiel can probably correct me.

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    Ok. So that's the basics, a book for each monster with its drops. I just haven't been keeping myself informed. :P Well that sounds pretty cool. :) Thanks for uploading this!

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    Nah, actually, you have a book, and when you get 5 cards of the same monster, you get its drops. 1 book for all monsters. Also, the cards go automatically inside the book, so can't trade them, etc. Also, lv 30+ monster cards give buffs when you loot them.

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    Monster Book is a book UI that you have and it collects these cards of the monsters. As you get cards (which drop at a low rate) more information on that monster is filled in to the book. It gives a list of drops, locations where that monster spawns, passage on that monster's history or abilities, etc.

    That's what the droplist looks like in game, so it's rather convenient.



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