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    can you have negative defense?

    and wtp did they do to brave slash? It's weaker and slower now?

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    - Snipe's MP cost greatly increased at lower levels (level 1 is 300 MP). Its cooldown is now 10 seconds."

    That's the cooldown when maxed, right? So, does it hit the full screen as well now? I'm guessing no. Oh well, it's a worthwhile sacrifice for ultimate strafe I guess.

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    "When saying skill, assume max level."

    I think it's a reasonable exchange as well.

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    Did Nexon ever fix that lag issue? I remember MMs complaining that while the CD is 4 seconds, the servers lag enough that it's closer to 15 or something. ...:|

    What is Nexon doing? 22 mAtk on a Cleric Buff would give Clerics a reason to buff mages and avoid "omg noob, i have medi dont bless me", but there are a lot of updates there that don't make much sense....

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    That was a strange choice...

    So teleport mastery was too good at 100%?

    I know people enjoy their bishops but where's the archmage vids to see this? =/

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    we'll have to wait till fiel goes through everything, I'd assume these things take forever to get right.

    I just need to know what happened to brave slash, it doesn't even sound like it's worth the 30 sp now

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    I'm not getting the point of the Paladin skills continious nerf... Are they overpowered or something?
    Heaven's Hammer has 40 seconds of cooldown now... it doesn't even kill enemies and its cooldown is longer than any other ultimate skill.

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    Well hopefully they're smart to test the sp reset because it will suck if you were to use it and end up with 255 points instead of like 550+ @ level 200. I don't get even get bless...Snipe nerf is ok, it'll bring a little balance between archers, but still not bm vs the rest. But I agree with Fiel, the programmers (or whoever in charge) don't seem to know what they're doing.

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    K, guesse I might as well leech myself a hero while i still can :|

    S> 130/7 ele staff 1 ;_; (non hammered)

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    Ok so they're moving Brandish to 3rd job and replacing it with Brave Slash right, Does that mean we're gonna need to get new skill books in order to max Brave Slash? cuz that's sucky.

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    Don't give up yet. O:

    There's still a chance for more adjustments before the patch comes to kms.

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    That's concern worthy, nice heads-up.

  14. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    - CSB changed from 3 mobs * 150% damage * 3 times to 3 mobs * 460% damage * 1 time
    3 mobs?
    - Barrage's damage decreased from 360% to 342%
    Okaaaaaaaay. Strange nerf.
    - Demolition damage reduced from 400% to 380%
    Again, strange nerf
    - Snatch's stun duration increased from 3 to 4. Now attacks 6 mobs.
    But Snatch has always hit 6 mobs at max level.

    Weird Brawler changes are weird.

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    I wish they would just do a simple skill reset.
    This 1 into all available skills is bull pomegranate.

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    What they may end up doing is do one for each job(1st, 2nd, etc).
    That'd avoid the 255 cap on loose SP.

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    Serious what the hell at these nerfs--was Hypnotize overpowered or something in KMST? And why nerf the stun on Teleport Mastery, won't that make using Big Bang in mobs harder? Weird...

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    Still better than Brandish, but it takes you 24 points to match DPS. Definitely a poorly designed skill. While I agree that 720ms Brave Slash was overpowered, there was absolutely no need to nerf both its speed and damage to improve Enrage and Advanced Combo. If anything, buffing Advanced Combo discourages the use of Panic and Coma as it favours keeping Combo up as opposed to spending it on Finishers, since most monsters would die quickly enough to make Chance Attack not come into play very often. The Enrage buff was uncalled for. It did not need to be that strong. They should have just lowered Brave Slash's speed to match Brandish, maybe raised the % a bit and maybe change Enrage to a party buff or non-cooldown weapon attack buff. Or perhaps make Enrage a buff or passive skill that improves Panic and Coma so they'll actually be used.

    I believe Paladins are ahead of both warriors in terms of %/s, unless every orb when you have Advanced Combo adds 10% (i.e. 200% max). Dark Knights are using Sacrifice now though, so I'm not sure how that plays out, but given their higher modifier for weapons, they're likely a bit stronger, and a sure thing if Final Attack works with it. If I'm reading this correctly though, Charge Blow in 3rd job does not spend your Charge, so that's a significant bonus that I believe warrants the mob count nerf, especially with the new delay. Even without Hammer, Paladins dominate large mob damage with ACB, something that Heroes severely lack as Brave Slash and Brandish can only hit three targets, and Fury with Berserk just isn't very strong comparatively. Especially in any scenario where the Paladin has advantages. Regarding that, I've no idea whether or not they get 1.5x while dual-charging or if it's lowered or anything, but it's a significant bonus over an already tight race for %/s. Even though this does reduce the usefulness of hammer, I think that with all the monster HP buffs, and the fact that it always brings HP down to 10000 makes it a lot stronger than it may seem. 10000 is basically OHKO anyways at this point in the game.

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    I think the nerf are not that bad.

    just give back acb to hitting 6 mobs would be good.

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    It...does hit 6 mobs.



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