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  1. Default [1.2.323] (2) Moar Skill Balancing

    New opening video included with the patch file

    A new "CONSUME" item was added - "SP initialization order". It restores all of your SP, then sets all available skills to have 1 SP in them. Note that since this is a consume item, it's not to be sold in the cash shop.

    Name: SP 초기화 주문서
    Description: 사용 시 #c초보자 스킬을 제외#한 #c모든 스킬이 초기화 #됩니다.

    All of the mob's PADamage for skills was increased, as it should have been. The older numbers were still assuming the older system and needed to be updated for the new PADamage calculation which remains elusive.

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  2. Helium Atom
    IGN: SuperMario63
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    I wonder if certain classes can just leave most of their skills 2 points below the Master Level and just bring a Paladin buddy to max them out from time to time. xD

    Can't wait to see the rest~ :3

  3. Default

    That SP reset thing is nice. VERY nice. Looks like they will really have a full reset.

  4. Default

    So it adds 1 sp to all available skills? That's not too good for my 4th job build..

    But nice that we get a sp reset anyway...

  5. Default

    Yeah, I don't really want any points in poison breath and magic claw, though I think I can work it so I have all the skills I want without having to reset those 1 points.

    For 4th job it's fine I guess, just makes me wonder how that will work with pre-reqs.

  6. Default

    That shouldn't really be a problem except for people who have just made a job advancement.

  7. Default

    So what it does is reset SP from all your skills and makes them all Lv1, add 1 SP into those you didn't add points into, and refund you the rest?

    Or does it just reset whatever skills you have added SP into to Lv1 and refund you the rest?

    The second seems more likely, if you ask me.

  8. Default

    It only works with available skills, so skills with pre-reqs shouldn't be getting any skill points. This is going to mess up lots of first job builds (I'm a freaking CB, I don't want Lucky 7!). Someone here once proved that there was a cap on the SP you can have (155), so hopefully they removed that. At least we get a full SP reset.

  9. Default

    - Blessing's WATK and MATK increased from +15 to +22

    This is ridiculous, now clerics have a superior meditate, which add other buffs as well... At least buff our meditate as well...

    And still no changes to the Arch Mage bossing capabilities. I'm starting to get worried.

  10. Default

    They should have left Bless at 18 WA/MA at most, because it also adds other stuff. =.=

  11. Default

    OH WAIT.

    Maybe they give us one extra SP per skill... While keeping our original ones. Like, get all your SP reset, and then, add one per skill. Maybe from now on, you start with all your skills at level one, when you advance.

  12. Default


    Snipe, what did they do?!!. Ok, the MP cost is a non-issue, lower levels don't have the spammability that will hurt our pocket like pre balance ultis, so if this is a balance, ur doing it wrong, dev team.

    But then, WHY U INCREASE THE CD? is it cuz of ultimate snipe?

    I share the same sentiments about Nexon as you Fiel.

  13. Default

    Because Ultimate Strafe does the same amount of damage as Hurricane and hitting 999999 every 5 seconds is kind of ridiculous.

  14. Default

    Highly unlikely...but it would be a good move to reward loyal players and keep their trust...

  15. Default

    No, no, I mean. Also for old players.

    I explain. Whenever you make your job advancement, imagine they set each skill to 1. That way, you have a kick at all skills right after the advancement, being able to be tested, and letting you choose where to put points. And also, some extra free points for everyone! Because thanks to this thing, old players would have that extra SP too!

    EDIT: Also, looking for drain animation changes... Any luck on that?

  16. Default

    Weird Pirate changes. Guess that Cleric change was to encourage Cleric partying. 2 W/MAtk isn't that big of a difference, especially since Clerics are inherently weaker than Wizards. If it was weaker than Meditate and Rage, no one would ever want a Cleric in their party since it would constantly weaken them.

    For Fighters, do you mean Brave Slash, instead of Brandish?

  17. Default

    Here's something I noticed:

    For Pirates, Hypnotize's success rate was changed from 100% to 94%. This is a very, very strange change. I can only attribute it to Combat Orders. The formula for the success rate is 34+3*x where X is equal to the current level of the skill. Now, if you get a +2 increase with combat orders, that would put the success rate at 100% but also increase beyond the maxLevel of the skill. So am I reading the skill description of Combat Orders wrong? Perhaps it can go beyond the maxLevel. Otherwise, this change is beyond stupid since no one really uses Hypnotize anyway.

  18. Default

    The developers do any changes without planning I assume..they tend to play with the skills after implement it and regret of it, then change again, then regret, and change again, and regret...and the cycle goes round and round again +_+

  19. Basic0

    So 1.2.323 did not include other class change? such as legends, cygnus and resistance?
    Or those data are still extracting?

  20. Default

    I'm thinking they are shooting for certain damage ranges, # of hits it takes, or watever but instead of calculating it out they are just throwin' numbers out there and seeing what happens.



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