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    Well that's what tespia is made for.

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    Roflmfao @ Snipe. Way to go.

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    Gee Nexon, thanks for making bless 100% more useful than meditate. Why do clerics get a skill that gives more MA plus a crapton of other buffs too? They should make it so bless only has half its effect when clerics are soloing. Also, I'm fairly happy with the I/L AM changes so far, but I was hoping to see something for F/Ps.

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    Mind showing its animation?
    LMAO... that's the best they can do for Bowmen? changed of animation..... dumb

    And seeing how little updates/ skill changes they are doing now, I'm pretty sure most re-balances has been settled down?

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    Looking at the changes, I think this will be near the end of the total revamp.

    They're only finetuning some skills a bit, I don't expect a lot of major changes to come. :)

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    I believe Fiel said something along the lines of "lulz no more images for now guize."
    And I'm not entirely sure about BMs, but MMs are okay. They can live without their Snipe.

    On a side note, I hate how they made Autopot totally useful for Zerking purpose now.

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    It's better than Rage too, but really, why would you party with a Cleric if their buffs sucked?

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    That's why I'm saying their buff should be half power when soloing. Have it work like Holy Symbol.

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    The problem with migrating your existing character this way, though, is that you don't get the benefits of the extra HP/MP you would have received along the way. I'd love for my AM to have 1000 more HP than he has right now. If I had made him under the new gain rate, he would have it.

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    Nobody mentiones AP changes yet, or hp/mp. Give them time, they didn't release it yet.

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    Extra HP/MP from what? If it's a natural increase based from level, where would it go? The only loss would potentially be from Max HP/MP increase skills, which I believe they have gotten rid of.

    I think the new HP/MP levels are integrated into their levels, with a certain formula, your benefits aren't running anywhere.

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    It has been widely commented that the overall HP level of characters is higher under the new system. HP gained from level is not perfectly set, it has a random factor. My AM right now gains from 10-15 HP per level. If this range changed to say 15-20, then it's 25% nore HP per level than I get now. I have already gained my 180 levels. I am sure my HP will port over directly, which means I will have 25% less HP than a new character who was created in the new MS.

    And if they simply rebuilt everyone's HP/MP based on the new gains, what will that mean for the folks who have spent hundreds of dollars blood washing????

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    We all knew that would be a problem. Which brings the next question into play.

    The only viable alternative would be to do a complete character wipe and make
    all players start new, is that what you want?

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    There is a skill that gives a given % of extra hp IN TOTAL, not per level up. If you raise that skill, for thieves, for example, you'll end up with 10% more hp... REGARDLESS OF LEVEL UPS. It's the same base, the same everything, and if not, they'll recalculate it.

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    Actually, my idea was to recycle the "Maple Life" code. Right now, Maple Life gives you a character that you build from lvl 10 (or 8 if you choose a magician) up to lvl 30. They give you the AP and SP and you make the character how you see fit. They could extend this to any level. (granted this would still hose the Washers...) It would give the opportunity for STATless characters to readjust as well.

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    That's not what they were talking about, the gain of HP per level up is now a range
    that without naturally leveling up, you may miss out on a couple hundred hp.
    Which may not sound like alot, but if you factor in magic guard or HB it is a big deal.

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    I believe you can still add points into HP. The number of points you invested in HP and MP is stored somewhere (hence the reason you can't take points out of MP without adding into HP first), so it could just recalculate your HP based on the new formulas.

    I'd really just like to see their HP reset, though. It doesn't matter how much money you spent on a glitch, it's still a glitch.

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    Now, I'm truly excited for these changes... but I grieve for the loss of the 5 second snipe :(
    At least my old AP-gimped MM and DK will be playable again! Can-not-wait!

    As for the SP reset, i think it makes sense as it was commented on previously- that it resets the skills you have sp in, to 1, and gives you all your points back. Although, i wouldn't really mind having 1 sp to every skill... i do that anyways, for fun :)

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    Even if I stripped naked, I wouldn't be taking 60% more damage.



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