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    In the first minute In the video in the spoiler, all of the women shield themselves from the camera but the men do not (0:15 - 0:25). Why do the women do this in South Korea but the men don't? I know nothing about social customs there.

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    I don't think anyone's shielding their face, TBH. o~o;
    They have their faces cupped over their faces looking toward the front to see better.

    It's a modest culture, but not that modest. :)

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    Not too positive. As far as my mom and ex-girlfriends have been, uh, if they think they don't look "good" or if they think they look terrible at the current moment, they don't want to be taped or shown on camera or anything. No pictures taken either. -shrugs-

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    Have you ever been with girls and they take a picture, and it is required that they all look at it, and if one doesn't like it, then they delete it? It may be the same thing here, since they both are women. But, i dunno.

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    Yeah, what he said. And probably because they don't want to be seen/recognized as being at a game convention...? I dunno. I don't really think it's culture based at all for that video.

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    Uh yeah, women in western cultures don't typically do that. Starcraft is basically a sport in Korea.



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