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  1. Default DNS having problems

    Our DNS host is being DDoS'd on their main DNS servers. I switched to the new DNS system they put into place and they will switch us back when it's back to normal.

    -- Fiel

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    Does this mean that Southperry was the target of this DDoS, or that we're sharing a server with other websites, and one of them was the target and everyone else suffers? I don't understand how these things work.

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    Not Southperry, the DNS. Sleepywood uses the same one too.

    Someone else can explain this better than I can, but I'm posting for the sake of it anyway.

    [20:39:52] <BDRyan> [...] DNS nameserver was attacked, took a *lot* of sites down without actually attacking the sites at all.
    [20:40:39] <BDRyan> 'cause you need DNS to tell your computer where to find the site...and if DNS is lose the thing that tells your computer where the site's at, so as a result your computer can't find it
    [20:41:24] <BDRyan> Basically, the site's perfectly fine. It's just the mechanism that tells you how to connect to it, isn't

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    Is it like an autoimmune disorder where the body's immune system mistakes some part of the body as a pathogen and attacks it. Except we are the part of the body being attacked because we happen to be a new addition to the gamesurge family?

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    Err... As far as I know, only the IRC itself is on GameSurge.

    Anyway, Russt already explained it, so...

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    As others has stated, it's like a 'bridge' or a connection. If the connection is severed.. yeah.


    Imagine each site has a specific IP address. If the 'DNS' is down, you can still access the site as long as you know the IP address for the site. How do you find it? Easiest way I can think of: tracert

    You type that in your DOS/CLI, and fyi for the non-techies, tracert = Trace Route. So even if the name is down, you can still access it. But if you were to type the web's address, it'd do no good. I'd elaborate more, but I'm sure other IT-majors here can explain it way better than I can. I'm terrible at phrasing something at my own level down to another person's level if they're below mine.
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    I know what DNS is. I also know what an IP address is. If it's just a DNS/IP problem then why are we getting DDOS'd?

    I guess that's two computer guys down. I guess we're waiting for BD, Heidi, Paul, or some other person who actually cares enough about their studies to come in and educate the ignorant masses. Praise the anointed one and the coming messiah who will save us from eternal damnation of technological ignorance.
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    "Our DNS host is being DDoS'd on their main DNS servers."
    Not us.

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    The thing is, for some people to explain all of this, makes them sound like a smart-ass. I originally had an easy way to explain, which was to link to Wikipedia. Yes, I am terribly lazy. That and I really am horrible at explaining things in my field of study, which is why I didn't. I could try, but then you'd mis-understand or I might not have phrased things properly, given my history.

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    Thanks. So back to Greg.

    Fine. You just sounded pompous.
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    The machine that hosts the servername is being DDoS'ed, not us, we're just flies caught amidst a battlefield. And I've never tried much, but is there any way I can connect to anything through raw IP? I know I can to a front page but I couldn't browse around when I tried this before.

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    [20:42:20] <BDRyan> [10:41:13 PM] <TofuYoshi> how exactly was it "attacked"? <-- Massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the nameservers that are responsible for telling other computers on the internet how to find and connect to the site
    [20:42:31] <TofuYoshi> ahh
    [20:42:33] <TofuYoshi> DDoS
    [20:43:30] <TofuYoshi> the purpose of which being?
    [20:43:44] <TofuYoshi> just to screw over others?
    [20:44:43] <BDRyan> Pretty much. It's an indirect way of denying service to probably hundreds of sites by preventing the one thing that tells you where those sites are from speaking to your computer about information on the site's location on the net.

    [20:53:54] <BDRyan> I'd give an alternate host off my own domains as a temporary measure but that would break the forums since a lot of that stuff does rely on the domain being what's set in settings, etc
    [21:00:20] <BDRyan> Because the webserver isn't listening for requests on my domain name. It wants to hear requests for
    [21:00:53] <BDRyan> Same thing for the IP deal
    [21:01:07] <BDRyan> It doesn't want to hear requests for the IP, 'cause it has no idea what you want from it.
    [21:02:30] <BDRyan> Here's how this fits in here. With the DNS nameservers that control the records for (as well as probably hundreds, if not more, other sites) being under attack, there is literally no way to provide the webserver at that IP the request it wants - DNS is required.

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    A DNS works like this:

    <You> Sup Internet
    <Internet> Sup.
    <You> Yo, I wanna connect to
    <Internet> Hold on, lemme check with my friend DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <DNS> Sup Internet
    <Internet> Where does "" route to?
    ** DNS looks up ""
    <DNS> It routes to the IP
    <Internet> Bye DNS
    <Internet> Sup You
    <You> Sup Internet
    <Internet> It connects to
    <You> Thanks!
    ** You connect to the website and fall in love with chinchillas

    The way it's working now:

    <You> Sup Internet
    <Internet> Sup.
    <You> Yo, I wanna connect to
    <Internet> Hold on, lemme check with my friend DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <Internet> Yo, DNS
    <Internet> Sup You
    <You> Sup Internet
    <Internet> I have no ****ing idea what it connects to.
    <You> Damn.

    If you edit your hosts file with Southperry's IP address

    <You> Sup Internet
    <Internet> Sup.
    <You> Yo, I wanna connect to Its IP address is at
    <Internet> Have a blast, dude.
    <You> Thanks!
    ** You connect to the website and fall in love with chinchillas

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    Lol. Nice example.

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    How do we do this?



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