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  1. Default [1.2.294] More Dual Blade Tweaks

    IV Job:
    -- Final Cut now has a 100 second cooldown time
    -- Monster Bomb's damage increased from 990% to 1200%.
    -- Thorns is given more vertical range and now has an "affected" animation


    -- A new BGM was added - SecretFlower.mp3 - it sounds pretty far eastern.
    -- Legendary Dagger weapons were altered again. The Reverse weapon had its required DEX increased from 25 to 160. A few other Legendary Daggers now have 8 slots.
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    Awesome, but Thorns is too overpowered.....I say decrease the chance to like 25% or smth. 35% is so big compared to se 15%.

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    I always check right away.

    Yay skill cooldown times

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    Good thing they added a cooldown on Final Cut. The damage boost it gave was insane. Now they just need a cooldown on Sudden Raid. I saw a video on Insoya of a level 147 Dual Blader with maxed Sudden Raid and he was hitting over 60k with the Final Cut boost (and his Crits would be 80k+). If they keep it spammable, it pretty much obsoletes Arch Mages.

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    Doesn't seem like anything that would be related to dual blade?


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    For the SecretFlower.mp3, it was not added to a completely new folder. It was added to folder number 17, which is the folder that contains "MueruengSchool" mp3s.

    Also, I found some secretflower map objects:

    Secret Flower

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    The final cut cool down isn't that big of a deal, it was more a buff anyway. I wonder if they can squeeze in any more nerfs before the patch, it's pretty much been all buffs so far.
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  8. Mercury Straight Male
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    Eww, still no thorns nerf.

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    so what is that dual blade crap?

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    It's related to dojo, MueruengSchool is the data's name for the dojo.

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    If they were finding Monster Bomb not being useful enough, I would say they should work on reducing its cast time.

  12. Water
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    Are those map objects from Kaede Castle?

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    Actually no, they aren't at all.

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    Likely later this afternoon.

  15. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    8 slot Legendary Daggers? What about the other classes?

    Please update the Evan tables while you're at it too, please. The only other updated table is Spadow's, and his is only in increments of 5 or 10.

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    Legendary Dagger = Blades? Or are you referring to some other equip?

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    Guild: Contagious


    Legendary dagger = blades. Same thing.

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    Holy crap on a stick. That is amazing.



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