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  1. Default [1.2.291] [KOR] Dual Blade Skill Tables

    This thread is in Korean. If you want to see this in english, please click here

    Updated for 1.2.295
    Updated for 1.2.294
    Updated for 1.2.293

    II (20 - 29)

    II+ (30 - 54)

    III (55 - 69)

    III+ (70 - 119)

    IV (120+)
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    Fiel is always good at cock teasing with this "[New Extraction Thread] I'm extracting as we speak" . 3:

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    nice , really looking forward to seeing the name of the skills and the info about them .

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    im hoping the fact that their potential and difficulty is level 2 does not mean they will be weaker compared to aran and evan.

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    Sounds like fun.

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    maybe it's because they can get skills from shop and not from those annoying quests. >.<

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    Mastery- Increases the mastery and accuracy when using dagger blade skills. This only applies if equipped with a dual blade.)

    Ido Booster- Use MP and HP for a short time to increase the speed of the dagger. This skill can only be used if a dagger and dual blade is in hand.)

    I wonder if this means that if you are using just one weapon these skills dont apply...not that you would not be using two weapons all the time.

    I think the Skills from CS only applies to the Test Server to make it easier to you know, test...well I hope that is the case.

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    Ah so,they DO use Daggers but they have their "dual blade" in the shield slot I assume

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    what are the stats in the picture? The one under each type of class

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    Grow Speed
    Max Level

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    that's a lot better than Savage blow (i guess that's okay, i mean it's FATAL, not savage).

    Looks like fun. Guess this'll be my shadower, since I've always wanted one but never had any reason to beyond CPQ mule (then i over leveld >.>).

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    I'm expecting a 90% mastery skill and a critical in store.

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    Mistake or..?

    Anyway, thanks for this as always, Fiel.

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    Cool! Where is the owl skill though?

    off topic? Anybody know the japanese word for 2 sword? I think it begins with a Y.

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    So they do use a dagger...Looks Like I will be stocking up after all. Is this all there skills? I thought they might have Mesos Guard. =/

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    I'm gonna guess it's a 5th or 6th job skill..



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