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    So basically, if your patch screwed up, Nexon said go screw yourself for another 6 hours?

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    I really hope I dont need to do that...take me forever to download the whole client again.

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    I have to do this every patch, anyway. lol I don't know why I even bother attempting to patch anymore.

    Holding out for a miracle!

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    I wonder what caused this; I had no issue patching. :x

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    They posted a new patch with the same version at Thu, 10 Dec 2009 23:22:42 GMT so anyone who installed the "bad" version of the patch has no recourse but to go back to v 79 and reapply the new "good" v80 patch.

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    Maybe Nexon's way of saying, "Stop fcking pre-patching before the damn pomegranate is made! Or else we're going to change a small info in our data that'll screw you over for the next 7-14 hours!"
    Wow, that was a mouthful.

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    Pre-patchers help Nexon more than anything since it distributes the server load. This is likely because they messed up, not us. Pre-patching is fine - changing the patch last minute is not.

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    Oh for gods sake, first I get pestered by AVG resident shield and now this crap.

    Good thing I already have the v79 installer, all I need to do is repatch... 5mbps line<3

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    Ahh thanks. I always use the auto patcher so I should be ok.

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    I've auto patched a v79 folder twice now. Why do they think reinstalling it will work....

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    So basically what happened? They put up the v00080 patch which Fiel extracted. They put up a manual patcher of their own, which version is this? Then they changed something in the patch, is this supposed to be v00080 or v00081?

    In any case, if I have v00079 files and update the latest 00079to00080.patch file I should be fine, right?

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    What gets changed in our maple folders other than the wz files when maple patches? I copy & replace'd the glitched 0.80 wz files with the 0.79 wz files from another computer through a flash drive, but I when I try to enter the game, I get the new 0.80 screen and a -2.147bil error when I press start game.

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    3 hours left on my redownload.

    So has anyone successfully autopatched a backed-up .79 folder?

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    Client, dll files.

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    The MapleStory.exe file itself gets patched too. I ran Fiel's patch reader and it created a temp folder to store new patch files, it included a total sum of 25 files. I'm guessing .wz, some of the .dll's and the ms.exe.

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    Okay thanks. I just realized how pointless that was xP I could just patch up the game to 0.80 on my other computer then flash drive the entire folder over.

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    Flash drive me too pl0x, or at least send me the link to the "correct" v00080.patch
    I don't know which one to use anymore thanks to Nexon screwing up.

  19. Default manual patch error

    Well I got my backup files, and just finished manualpatch (started like one hour ago), but... it only says: "checking files 2/3" and stop right there, it does not patch.

    md5sum ManualPatcherv80.exe bc5040c17b33dc46751f1f4f594d8e3b

    md5sum 00079to00080.patch 7778e611d4cfcba57b5e86429f83b5aa

    Can anyone confirm if the 00079to00080.patch md5 is the working one?




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