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  1. Default [1.2.269] Evan changes/fixes

    Evan Changes:
    - Now have their own "Evan Only" Cash shop section
    - Evan now gets its own mount at levels 50 and 80. The mount looks like your own dragon you have at that level, so its assumed that you get to ride on the dragon to move. The level 50 dragon is 170/120 and the level 80 dragon is 180/120.
    - The skill "Dragon Breath" now stuns for 5 seconds at all levels
    - The skill "Magic Resistance" has its range increased to (lt.x -300, lt.y -150, rb.x 300, rb.y 150) from (lt.x -200, lt.y -150, rb.x 200, rb.y 150).
    - Killing Wing has its text changed:

    OLD: [마스터 레벨 : 20]\n원거리에 있는 하나의 적을 공격한다. 이후 유효한 공격은 공격 받은 적에게 집중된다.
    NEW: [마스터 레벨 : 20]\n원거리에 있는 하나의 적을 공격한다. 이후 모든 공격은 공격 받은 적에게 집중된다.

    Other Changes:
    - The scroll "드래곤 안경 전용 특별한 주문서" no longer has the "Required Slots Available" property. You can use the scroll with any amount of slots remaining on it.
    - All mobs are now required to have a "Category" property in it. I will be doing an extraction later to show which mobs have which category.
    - New maps/mobs in Leafre added to the data (Just recolors on the mobs)





    New Mob Categories
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    No ult Dark Fog yet?

  3. Default

    Any boosts to their atrocious attacking speeds?

  4. Default

    the scroll is new to me, what does it do?

  5. Default

  6. Default

    Do want.

  7. Default

    Oh shit. We're fucked.

    What's next? Flying Zakum?

  8. Default

    The lower HP. That's why I want. (It doesn't make a difference to high levels, but it does to me.)
    I just hope they aren't Evan-only monsters.

  9. Default

    The Evan Cash Shop looks nicer than the Aran's. I like the idea of your Dragon turning into your mount if thatís how it really is.

    Too bad they didn't tweak the speeds of the skills but there is always time I suppose, but Iím not holding my breath.

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    I smell no good skeles for adventurers now :/
    And fly Griffey....0__0
    Evans stink D:

    Probably quest monsters

    Google translate sucks
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    Do the categories do anything?

  12. Default

    Is the Dragon Breath skill 100% stun?

  13. Default

    Those ice/fire weak monsters have some nice exp rate. Hopefully they have nice spawn rate for some arch mage ultimate spamming.

  14. Mercury
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    Rather confused as to what the categories are for, or what they even mean. High Dark Star grouped with Bubbling? Waaaaat? Also, the fact you ride the dragon seems cool, but shouldn't there be ten mounts? Or wait, I don't remember how many times the actual dragon changes its image, but it does more than three times, more than certain about that. Or does the dragon get cloned and sense start to be lost even further than the normal powers of MapleStory?

    Also curious about how these maps make sense with Keroben there and Keroben being at the peak. Whatever, looking into this too much. These new details are still exciting nonetheless.

  15. Default

    I think they will be Evan only maps.

  16. Default

    I was just thinking and I think there's a good possibility that with the newfound Evan configuration (controlling monsters instead of the character) that there's a chance that eventually we'll see our mounts, or even pets, attacking. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

  17. Default

    Any idea what the scroll is used for? 1 att 2 what? Looks like we're getting another item chaosable for att D:



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