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  1. Default [1.2.267] A few full map renders





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    The art of the dragon is pretty good I gotta admit.

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    What a farm boy, heh.

    So im guessing this place is in/near Henesys?

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    If you noticed on the world map, his house is over where the golem temple was on the world map.

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    This "Mom" character must have tons of Evan children who partner up with dragons, Jesus Christ. However, she's easily outdone by the "Mom and Dad" NPC in the map accessed via the balloon string in Henesys Hunting Ground III, who apparently have every single Mapler as their child.

    On a more serious note, I just love the art behind the Dragon. I also think I spy Utah in the second map. I wonder what his relationship with the player is going to be. I also notice the chickens from Shanghai; but they aren't as significant as the fact that Utah is present; and just a random background item of interest. Perhaps we will see a farm-themed town in the future to go make as another filler patch for KMS to fill in the void for Shanghai due to the the removal of World Tour.

    This "town" is a bit bland though. It's nowhere near as cool as Ereve or Rien in terms of art, aside from the one map with the dragon.

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    Ahh so pretty.
    Seems kind of Dora the Explorer eque, as someone said earlier.

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    I thought that really sucked when I first saw it. I had always hoped they would expand upon that area and do something with it. But that doesn’t seem likely at all now.

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    As far as story goes, you're really the only character that counts. So while, from an outsiders view, we all share the same NPC parents and such, as far as the maple world is concerned, each of us exist as the main character in different dimensions. Everyone else has their own origins that we just don't see/deal with.

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    Erm.. I want to live in that house o.o

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    Who else sees that that dragon is in the exact same position as the big Ereve bird?

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    Look over the fireplace mantle, your face is covered by a pig. And apperently, utah is your brother? Doesn't that break the old utah a little? Hopefully that quest is edited...and that that pig farm is edited to be more like that. Chances are, that is where the entrance is anyways, to the old pig farm.

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    Foxes in the henhouse!

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    Break the old utah? He has one quest. He's completely useless currently, I don't see how this "breaks" him.
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    I am pleased to see they placed the mother where she belongs. The duster is an extra, appreciated touch.

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    *look at the family picture*

    who's the black haired boy?
    i thought that Evan's hair is brown.



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