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Thread: JMS CWK weapons

  1. Default JMS CWK weapons

    I'm not joking on some of the strings not being there. They aren't!

    Please tell me any other CWK weapons you know of, as I'm drawing a blank.


  2. Default

    There are guns?

    ...And the Crimson weapons, if those count.

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    okay, got the crimson weapons.

    Any others?

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    Most weapon types have one.

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    Ew... Normal(6) Night Raven Wing, Slow(7) Arcglaive but THERE STILL IS A DEXLESS CLAW????

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    You're missing the gun. It look exactly like the Raven's Beak, but have a "gun" handle.

    Sec, I'll look for where I found it before.


    It's also the only one you don't have up there that's listed here
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    No, there's more. There are knucklers too.

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    Right, I was about to post the others too. The guns were the first ones I noted because I'm an outlaw, so pay more attention to that.

    Look here. I'll post them individually for you in a sec.

    +Updating this one by one, stay with me here and keep F5'ing.+
    -Never mind-
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    I already posted them.

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    Knew you'd get them faster than me. Alright then, screw updating my list, I'm too slow.

    Edit: Are you still updating your list? You're missing a few there that are on the link I posted.
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    Even JMS cares more about pirates then GMS

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    Except Nexon America had legitimate excuse of plot continuity to ignore Pirates when it came to developing content for Crimsonwood Keep- there was only A single pirate named Steel Fist Jack who washed up ashore on Masteria and people were intruiged by his methods but he wasn't the grandmaster of any class and had they pretended pirates were always there, pirates fitting with the lore would be a lot worse. I suspect Nexon may have wanted to give Pirates epic Masteria equips to compensate for no Raven or Crimson/Masterian equips in iTCG set 6 that was supposed to introduce pirate cards into play, but as we know, it got cancelled.

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    I'm talking about the lack of scrolls too...

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    Which is no real excuse considering that we should have gotten those at least 8 months ago. If not in iTCG in gach or gach boxes or SOMETHING.


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    There's 4 - 5 versions of EACH weapon. There's a spear, polearm, dagger, claw, staff/wand, sword, blunt weapon, knuckle, gun, yadda yadda yadda.

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    Oh lawd I lol-ed at the Pirate Knuckles. Thief Claw x2 kthx

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    A slow (7) crimson arcglaive *shakes head in disapproval*

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    What's with the Polearm's 90 Magic Attack? Are there really mages with 300 STR and 80 DEX in JMS?

    If so... Wow, mass respect for them.

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    Our Crimson Arcglaives have like an average of 89matt too.



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