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  1. Default Proof it's not just Nexon

    Apparently Nexon isn't the only company that treats some of their games like crap just because they think the target audience is too young to care -

    Makes one wonder if the trend will continue, or that eventually these games will wise up and recognize that spending less effort communicating with a certain class of players just alienates people who could eventually grow into your other products but attach such a loathing towards you as a company as to assume that anything you own will operated as poorly.

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    Couldn't help but think of another company when i read this

    Screwing with spawn rate is the first thing that came to mind, but if we kept a list im sure it would grow way too long

    Interesting to see there are other companies in the microtransaction game pulling the same thing though, perhaps nexons a trailblazer on more then just the microtransaction front, theyve set up a model for crappy service and it works, others were sure to follow

    edit: feeling a bit bitter at nexon atm, just ignore me
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    Eh, maybe it's harmful, but maybe the majority of players really don't care enough for it to be worth their (The company) time looking after them. It indeed might be more profitable for them to run things this way. I don't think anyone can say either way.

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    I think I can. Every now and then I log into that game to kill some time. Usually with the card game or some mini-games. But if they're okay with this sort of unfairness, how long before the whole game becomes unbalanced, and not even a fun time waster anymore?

    And they're not the first to copy Nexon's microtransaction idea. In fact, I don't think it was Nexon's idea first. But they were the first to make it popular. But now even games like WoW, EQ and City of Heroes/Villains have microtransactions. However, unlike these casual games that insist on making sure those that pay can act "pro" instead of actually being it while gloating to others, the Pay to Play games are just clothes and other things without stats or any other advantage.

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    I just read the first two paragraphs.

    Honestly, let the old players get the perks. They were here first, sure.

    All these new chars being leeched and using shared equips from the first char, acting all tough and strong and Hp washed pisses me off.

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    I can understand the bragging thing, but otherwise your post smells of contradiction...

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    that thing should carry the same speed. f7. not be changed to screw over new people.

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    I don't see a contradiction. In fact I mentioned two different things:

    1. Let the old users getting perks is good.

    Ohhh. You mean with these old users making new accounts. I mean letting old characters get perks, not old users.

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    Why would nexon all of a sudden start treating its games better? It's worked so far so why change their pace?

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    They actually treat Mabinogi much better than Maple.

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    Isn't mabinogi like "Or you buy cash, or you suck"?

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    Any person who played Trickster Online could've told you this.

    Nexon were saints compared to them.

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    Anyone who starts as a human can have three characters for free and all three of those characters can rebirth for free at age 20

    The only thing you miss out on without NX is 1/2 storage space at the bank, shops, bonus resurrections and pets, and on the subject of pets, if you buy a pet in mabi it's a one time purchase you keep forever, not a lease, and they don't require an extra 10$ worth of NX to make them capable of doing useful things.

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    Oh god yes. Now that's a neglected game.

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    Mabinogi is much more "free" than Maple. Especially seeing as the MTS NX you get from MS works on Mabinogi as well.

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    Really, I'm not against older players getting perks, as long as there's a way for new players to catch up. (In this case, releasing a new shoe with the same speed, even if the quest to get it is 10x as hard). Sales dont last forever, products run out of stock, regular customers may get treated better.

    Games evolve, and in most cases older items are replaced. Just make sure to include a way to be as good as them stat-wise.

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    Not sure how many of you here played Mabinogi back in closed beta/open beta...I happen to be one of the original closed beta testers for Mabinogi...and I can honestly tell you...Mabinogi DID NOT start out so free of NX as being took Nexon a while to get around to finally easing off the amount of NX it took to even play the game....Generation quests used to require NX purchases to far as pets go...well..I have 9 pets in Mabinogi...while the description above sounds TOTALLY awesome...cause it makes it seem as if you can buy a pet...pull it out..and go on your happy lil Mabinogi way...which is not the fact at all...each pet you purchase has a TIME LIMIT/per day...and for anyone who truly plays Mabinogi enough to even purchase a realize you need more then one pet...and have a gaggle of pets such as I over...the NX purchase of extra bank/storage space isnt needed if you've purchased pets anyway...since each pet you get has its own inventory varying in space naturally...while I agree that Nexon definately has some serious customer service issues..comparing Mabinogi and like comparing apples and oranges in flavor....two totally different types of gaming...requiring two totally different types of needs and wants....



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