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  1. Default [0.80] Pendant Expansion! EXPENSIVE





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    Losing and growing hope for GMS simultaneously....

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    12.5k for Vicious' Hammer, and no MTS. sux2bthem.

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    Those are some wired monsters. Guess there for the Scavenger event?
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    I am not f'ucking paying $12.9 for that pendant expansion s'hit.

    Otherwise, LOLSEA.

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    100nx for a character name change?

  8. Helium Atom
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    Awesome mount covers!!!!!
    Tank cover omg!

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    The expiration of the pendant slot expansion coupon is only for the coupon, and not for the expansion itself, correct?

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    ....The coupon is the expansion...o.o

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    LF>Pics of all of those mounts.

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    It is a coupon. Coupon means nothing, you (probably) just get the slot when you buy it.

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    If it says 30 days on it, I'd imagine that's how it works. I wonder how they unequip the pendant if you were still wearing it though, especially if you don't have equip inventory space. They'd either let you keep it until you unequip it or delete/drop it I'm guessing.

    edit: does the pendant expansion last 1 day in KMS and it's only global/sea that's extending it?

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    Wow everything is more expensive for them, the "Suit of Darkness" is the Blade overall we got, theirs is twice the price of ours.

    Also lol at the FMA/Naruto/Deathnote stuff.

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    Seeing that MSEA always have those 'game items' as karma scissors, vicious hammer so expensive compared to the prices in gMS, I don't foresee slot expansion more than 3-4k each in gMS.

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    I laugh at all the people that were raging when BMS got the Naruto/FMA sets, calling people retards just for liking those series when they were the ones doing a drama fest over some anime clothes. This makes it more likely for us to get it in the next patch

    As for the hammer /Pendant expansion prices, considering those are game breaking features, I see it reasonable for them to be expensive, and don't come to me telling me cheap prices make it easier for every one to get them using MTS, because no one should have to buy those stuff in first place. You shouldnt need to use cash to get stronger as you shouldnt need it to fight bosses (Wheel of Destiny).

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    Vain archer equips please =(

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    Some pretty cool stuff. Even though it really will have no purpose for me, I've always liked the Kaede Castle. I can't wait until we get it in GMS. I love getting new areas. The more the better! I'd like all the expansions for Jipang and Singapore.

    What's the King Croc and the NPC involved with it?

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    Vicious' Hammer - [12500 NX]

    I lol'd


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