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  1. Post Ask a Thief Thread.

    What is the "Ask a Thief Thread?"

    It is a thread (hopefully sticked!) that will allow you to ask as many questions you can ask to the Thieves of Maple. They will try their best to answer your question/concern.

    All you have to do post your question/concern. It would be very helpful if the question was to the point, specific, and preferably readable! It's just so that the Warriors can understand you. :D

    Example questions:

    • Which attack is faster, Savage Blow or Lucky Seven?
    • Why is Lucky Seven so strong?
    • Should I get Flash Jump or Shadow Partner first?
    Basic information:

    • A Thief needs at least 25 Dex points for the 1st Job Advancement.
    • Bandits use Daggers/Shields for melee style fighting.
    • Assassins use Claws/Stars for a ranged style of fighting.
    Frequently asked questions: (coming soon)
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    Some FAQs answered:

    How much luk = 1 watk!?
    Take your total luk and divide it by your total watk. For example:

    • You're level 100, with 80 base dex and 427 base luk, and wear a 3 luk bamboo hat. That's 430 luk total.
    • You have ilbis (27watk), a 13atk glove, and a 50atk scarab. That's 90watk total.

    430 / 90 = 4.77

    You can see this as 4.77 luk is "equal to" 1 watk.

    Shadow Mesos or Shadow Web!?
    Shadow web. Ask ANY night lord and they will tell you that both shadow mesos and shadow web sucks.

    "but shadow mesos is good for things like when you run out of stars at zakum or HT"
    If you run out of stars at zakum or HT, that means either
    • You're not bringing enough stars
    • Your team is too weak to kill zakum/HT

    "but shadow mesos has a high KB rate. I see level 90 hermits KB things in Leafre!!"
    Yes but if you keep playing to level 120 and such, you'll see that lucky 7 will KB just about anything as well.

    "but if they both suck, why shadow web?"
    It's not the fact that you max shadow web; its because you have to use all your points before level 120. You can max double stab if you want and have fun at HHG. Many night lords will tell you to max dark sight. Not because you "solo pap" but because you can dark sight anytime you want; hang out with friends while they're training, walk around without getting hit, etc. With maxed dark sight, your speed won't get reduced and you'll still have 140% speed from haste.
    Level 1 flash jump first or max shadow partner asap?!
    Not important. Not the end of the world if you have a level 1 flash jump. You max them both anyway. BUT if you do a level 1 flash jump by level 27, that means by level 80, your training will be slightly slower than someone who maxed shadow partner first.

    I have 63128 zillion mesos!! How do I maek sin!?
    Buy a claw and some stars, get out of the free market, and start leveling and learning.

    I have no mesos!! How do I maek sin!?
    Keep your dex low (maybe even 25), and find some crappy claw that requires no dex (maple claw, very bad kandayos; very cheap) or low dex (meba) and use that until you can fund money for dex equips to hold a dex claw... or you can stay dexless.

    Should I go dexless or low dex?!
    Debatable. It depends on the watk of the dexless claw vs the dex claw. See the "how much luk = 1watk" question. A 60 atk scarab IS better than a 50atk skanda BUT only at later levels where you can no longer upgrade your watk. You can add luk as far as level 200 so luk will always be increasing which will only make watk worth much more. 10 watk is worth more than almost 50, 60, or even 70 luk.

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    I have a sindit, so can I train in sin and bandit areas in my level range? (Level 55)

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    Not really since you don't have critical.

    However, you can train in bandit areas.

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    Yes, but probably the exp would be slower, stick to bandit (unless that could be more expensive then yes, go somewhere lower as sin.)

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    Are newties or skelegons better for a mid 13x shadower?

    How is assassinates damage accumulated over time? I know maxed is 600% per hit no charge, but how many seconds, or how much per second, does it go up by?

    I was thinking of doing a boss build for my shadower by first getting bstep to lvl 11 (it'll be there at lvl 125) but then after that, do 2 assassinate/1 bstep every lvl up. Does that sound like a good idea? I kind of wanted to find bstep 30 instead of dropping 100 mil for it.

    oh and how many hits per minute is lucky 7 and SB =D
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    i believe skeles are better, ive been skeleing since 12x :P
    dont know
    dont know
    well,you do about 100 TT's a minute,so it should be relatively the same w/ L7

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    Skelegons because you waste less HP and it's where assassinate becomes useful

    The boss build sounds okay but boomerang step does a stable amount of damage enough to KB strong width boss's. Pianus wouldn't be such a great idea to use assassinate at. but Pap is the most perfect place just where assassinate fits in between the resting time. Striking an assassinate with an even level of boomerang step should do the trick to keep in the rapid knock backs. Therefore I would suggest getting your boomerang step to level 20 first then tackle the assassinate.

    As for your final question, I have no idea. As far as memory can tell I remember someone had studied it before but i can't remember who.
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    200 stars per minute with L7, so that's about 100 L7s per minute. 1200 with TT and SP per minute. That's why putting a point on Shadow Claw at level 120 is very vital since at you'll be burning 200 stars for less than a minute instead of 1200 (although it sucks to rebuff every minute or so!). Every point you put on Shadow Claw, that helps you save at least 40 stars (1s = 20stars).

    P/S: 40 stars does not sound like a big deal, but I've known NLs that train at Newties and runs out of stars at 98.xx%... pretty epic I would say!

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    does anyone know how many hits SB is per minute?

    and what about my assassinate question

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    I'm assuming that is without booster?

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    thats what I was thinking also. I didnt know the exact times per minute SB casts, but I think its something over 85.

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    with a varkit, 84 sb's per minute
    thats with booster ofc

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    What level do Shadowers start maxing Venom? I'm lv117 and gonna be a shadower soon.

    The route I plan is 1 Shadow Shifter -> 2 Boomerang Step -> Max boomeran Step -> Max Assassination -> ???

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    Most shadowers spend their first 3 sp they get for advancing on

    vemon, bs, and shadow shifter. Level 1 vemon can hit as high as 10k per second. More hits = more poison. bs is a whole new skill. Who doesn't like new skills. Level 1 shadow shifter gives 10% chance to avoid. All levels after that adds 1% per level so level 1 is more useful.

    For builds, read this thread.

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    How many attacks can a fastest attack dagger (faster attack by default with booster) use in one second?

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    1 and 2/3 attacks per second with fastest speed, with normal attack speed.

    Can shadow partner inflict poison with venom?
    If so, then it's basically increasing the chances of hitting 3 venom stars by almost ten times (2.7% compared to 25.569%).

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    By attacks meaning a skill or just normal attack?

    Shadower partner cannot inflict venom on a target.



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