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Thread: [Info] Day of Darkness 2 Event

  1. Default Day of Darkness 2 Event

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    Just watch them summon monsters 3 times in the 5 hours...oh what fun and mayhem.

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    I didn't get to participate in the last one a few months ago/late last year (I don't even remember, lol), and I read about one that happened within the first year of Maple on Strategywiki so long ago, so reading this makes me excited. I will attend this one!

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    Because of the way Eos worded this (quoting Nexon) I can't get the image url for tinypic. Someone please do so for me.

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    That's actually the default template for posting a new thread here - Not my doing.

    Oh heaven's no. If the nature of most maplers gets any dimmer they'll collapse into black holes under their own density.

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    I know, realized that afterwards. It still makes it impossible for me to get the image url. So...tinypic please?

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    We have opposite problems. I can't get to tinypic through my firewall because it's predominately used to bypass proxy filters.

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    I wish this would be a full fledged Monster Roast like back in V0.2X or maybe it was V0.3X? I remember attending as a level 20 spearman with like nothing for gear, I went from like 30% EXP to nothing from constant rog deaths, back when I thought 1-30 was a huge accomplishment haha... Now its like 3-4 hours work... I was too dumb to sit and wait for them to be killed lol, I kept respawning myself.... (@self) Stupid Noob...

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    Hope he'll drop something at least. Beating the stuffing out of a 50m HP monster that only drops cakes for 200 damage is only fun for about a minute :/

    Here you go, Mas:

    lol i got beat to it

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    Thank you both!
    @ Eos, you could post the image url and from there I can tinypic it myself.

    Anyways, hopefully this will be pretty interesting, although I work that day until that afternoon, so I dunno. It says it goes on until 9pm EST though, so I should catch some of it. I hope we get skies filled with Crogs again! Tons of CWKPQ bosses would be cool too! Hell, give me 6 Paps to fight!

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    Considering even the puff daddies are limited to summoning sacks now, and how crappy the existing summoning sacks we have are, no such luck on most of that wish.

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    So I'm guessing GMs don't have mass summon ability anymore? That'd be...craptastic...
    I long for the days where I could sit at any given spot and be surrounded by 200+ Rogs, Crogs, and Automobiles.

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    If they still have it, they haven't used it in a very long time.
    Every summon event we've had for almost two years now has been sack-based.

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    Not true, as about a year ago there was one with a massive amount of Crogs when I was around 100-120ish. I was actually the first person there in Ludi in Bellocan and people didn't believe me at first. I also kept using megaphones to provoke the GMs to summon more.

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    Those are from sacks.



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