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  1. Default Kino Expiration Date Extended

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    I'm glad Kino-buyers are happy. Clear up on the wedding issue please.

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    EDIT: No, wait. Messed up the discount. *doesn't buy*

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    This makes me wonder if the 30 day thing was intentional originally but they saw very few sales because of it so they changed their minds.

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    hurrah! *pets all 3 Kinos* I get to keep you guys longer ^___^.

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    I have a frying pan and some butter with the names of your Kinos on it... can they come visit me?

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    If only they fixed the closeness quest as well. Kino is slowwwwwww

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    lol same. I think I've seen about 2 people with it since it was released.

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    This is nice little surprise after a not-so-nice day.



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