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Thread: [Notice] MTS Fee Change

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    Erm...this won't affect using it as storage at all - it still only costs 5000 to put something in. It will only affect legitimate sales...

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    Considering the people using it as storage don't ever intend to make NX off it, this isn't going to effect them in the slightest unless they really mean it will now cost 500 nx to put an item in.

    All adding an extra 500 to the sale will do is force people to pay more and therefore subsidize all the people using it for free storage.

    Stupid change IMO.

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    Oh my... What about those etc items? I used to sell 200 zombie teeth at 110 mesos. Now WHERE THE HELL should I get my NX from? 500 was too much. If it was 300 VS 8%, for example, it'd be fine for me.

    But with 16k NX reaching the old fee, it's simply ridiculous to make NX out of it. D:

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    Where else I'm supposed to put 10k+ monster etc drops when all my mules are filled with ores and refined rocks. When Maker comes, I'll gladly empty out my MTS.

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    So basically...

    "We've noticed people have been using the MTS as storage, since we've been charging you way too much for extra inventory/storage slots. To fix this, we're going to make it so it items priced cheaply will never be bought, and items priced insanely high will cost less. How does that fix the problem?

    ...We said it does. "

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    Guess I won't be using the MTS to sell items from Monster Book hunting any more. It's too bad, some people needed those items, but now I'm just gonna NPC them. A shame.

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    I really don't get it! What does this mean? How is this going to stop storage? Storage doesn't cost NX. Will it cost NX now?

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    Nvm, I misread like a lot of people, it only affects the "Auction" part of MTS...

    But still... it won't affect MTS for free storage... :o
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    this is a stupid change this wont stop people from using it as storage(i know it wont stop me) making lower priced items impossible to sell (9 atk w.g and below) and more expensive items cheaper
    on a side note: GG monster ETC's :'(

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    Not only does this not stop people from using it as a storage, it stops people from actually selling things like Monster etcs or just cheaper items in general...

    Bad idea.

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    EDIT: Guys it looks like we are the ones that made a mistake!! It says, For Sale and Wanted are still going to use the old transaction fee. Only the Auctions and the other thing are using the new transaction fee. This actually makes sense. My bad Nexon~

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    Well I don't see anything about the 5k increasing.

    Good thing too, I use that thing as storage big time.

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    This is just the lamest change ever. Not only does the change have absolutely nothing to do with use of MTS as storage, a vast majority of transactions take place below 2000nx, and with the change, there will probably be like half of these transactions taking place if not less. Lazy people can't get their stuff, people with junk that others actually need can't reach buyers anymore, and less transactions means nexon loses too.

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    Nexon will use anything as an excuse to jack more money from you.

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    Ok... ow. My brain hurts.

    Nexon has too many items being placed inside the MTS. Therefore they are going to make OTHER people pay more for the stuff you put up. And that will somehow reduce the number of items in MTS.

    GG Nexon, once again you have beaten me in a battle of wits.

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    Stop trying to mess with my plans to MTS for Mabinogi.

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    MS ruined completly. Just like that. No more safety charms or pet for me.

    More like YOU made the mistake. You're the only one saying that. And you even made a seperate thread about it o_o



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