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    Greg has made me aware that there are some users who have their "Notifications" in the upper right corner glitched to always show that you have a notification when, in fact, you do not. If this is happening to you, please post here that you would like your account looked at to resolve this issue and I'll take care of it by resetting your Notifications count to zero.


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    Just for the record, the "Unread Visitor Profile Message" notification glitch occurs when someone sends you a visitor message, and THEN you visit your profile page (or any other page with your visitor messages) without visiting any other pages. The timings have to be incredible coincidences, planned, or someone could spam you with visitor messages and hopefully get one stuck to "unread".

    Deleting the visitor message causing this problem resolves it, but then you won't have a visitor message anymore =(

    EDIT: If Roxas's method works, I'd recommend that instead.
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    No. You can fix this by de-approving and re-approving the visitor message. Fiel, this is rather old and was reported back August last year.
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    Another method to cause this is appears to be someone leaving you two visitor profile messages in a row. I had to delete them both to get rid of the nuisance. Nothing else worked.



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