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    Howdy everyone, .

    I embedded Google Translator into the KMST Extraction threads. For those of you that are using NoScript and can't see what it looks like at the moment, please view the following image:


    If you are using NoScript, please consider disabling it temporarily to add this google translator to your whitelist.

    Always chinchillin',

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    Cute. I'm not about to use it for story-like stuff though, since automated translators can't get that crap right xD

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    For those using FireFox, getting the Ubiquity Addon can be faster. You can just highlight the text you want to translate, right click, click "Translate", and done.
    Uses Google Translate, so the end result is the same.

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    Oh boy.
    But looking at the translations are funny sometimes; Many Korean words have double meanings.

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    I have no doubt that human translators are hundreds of times better than machine ones. However, in the absence of a human translator, machines will suffice.

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    This will help my random searching for useless information! Seriously, it will.



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