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  1. Default [1.2.225] Interesting Mobs? More Bain items



    EDIT by Isaac:
    Here's the skipped stuff:

    NPCs soon.


    Aran Homeland is called Lienne.
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    I came.

    You got some nice items there!

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    holy pineappleing pomegranate @ that pole arm... fast 4 + 100 atk and at lv 58
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    More bain weapons?

    And bain dragons?

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    Wyvern looks ugly O.o Stupid recolors and edition to old monsters. Don't be lazy KMS make something new !
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    what the.. black magician monsters?

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    By guessing and looking at the names.

    I take it "검은 마법" is Black Magician's? Seeing as they all have it.

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    wtp@ OP'd equips... :( L> OP'd Knuckle!

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    Oh pomegranate.. a strange feeling tells me.. that.. we'll know more about the Black Magician soon..

    Very soon.

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    검은 마법사의 is Black Magician's. 검은 마법 would just be black magic lol.

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    Uhh, a lv 58 Pole Arm with over 100+ att is beastly and unheard of... An Eclipse, one of the greatest looking Pole Arms (IMO), is lv 80 and ranges anywhere from 90-98 or so att (maybe even up to 100), and it's like 22 levels away from the 58 one. That's just insane.

    Also, that Skeles looks bad-ass, yet I chuckled looking at it. A skele that has eyes? Lawlz.

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    I don't see a knuckle. O_o

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    Sorry xD That was claw ;<

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    Holy f'ucking shi't. That POLEARM.

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    That gun has the attack of an Infinity's Wrath, + 6 dex, and FAST (4), which is unheard of for a gun. It's essentially better than a Peacemaker with a much lower level and STR requirement. It could easily be an endgame gun @_@

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    I find it interesting that the polearm and gun are ridiculously powered in comparison to their level 60 counterparts, and yet the bow is barely better than an asianic. it's 2 atk higher, 10str lower, 2 levels lower. it's not even fast speed >.>

    what's also amazing is that the kandiva is better than both this new bow and the asianic.
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    The monsters look prehistoric! I mean... obviously dragons/dinosaurs are prehistoric but they look like unevolved forms of the monsters we see now. Since Aran's have been frozen in time, perhaps that's what this is? End game Aran content? They make it back to the past and whoop ass.

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    I concur... The weapons in the previous thread (the link posted above) have weapons that aren't that great. The 2h sword is the same attack as a LionHeart (level 35 Sword), the claw is the same as the level 55 Shinobi Bracer claw, and I have no idea about the staff, since I'm not good with Wizards. lol

    I think they're trying to buff up the not-so-common classes. o.o

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    Is that a 100 att fast(4) polearm?
    Fuuck maker, give me Grandpa Rog. NOW.
    I'm seriously spazzing now.
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