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    The following three changes will take place likely in the next few days.

    1) Dissolve the Shops section and place everything into the selling section - it seems too arbitrary to have a section just for shops. Let people put as many items as they want into a selling thread.

    2) Create a new board specifically for price checks. People seem to want to create them anyway, regardless of the rules or not. This new board would have one topic for each in-game server. Users have to post in each specific topic to get a price check. Users cannot create new topics. A moderator/admin will create a new topic each time a new world comes out.

    3) Remove the rules regarding price checks and three items for selling threads.

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    I agree with all of the above changes.

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    #2 would be most wonderful. I can just look in the Price Check thread instead of having to filter through various threads in hopes of finding out how much "X" scroll costs.

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    I think in setting the price check rules, it should be pointed out that the price checks were made as of _________. There's no guarantee a price check by a particular individual is valid, and that's always a risk, but even a person who knows prices is only correct as of the time the price check was made. The economy fluctuates quite a bit and on a regular basis.

    Of course, the time of a post is always noted, on every post, but with price checks it might be best to explicitly point out in the forum rules that "freshness" is a huge issue in the price check.
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    As far as the one topic for price checks, does that mean a mod/admin will update the main post with all of the things that were PC'd? Otherwise, you could be looking at a lot of repeats over time since no one would want to scroll through page upon page looking for their item, if it even exists.

    Just an idea.

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    That's why you can search inside of threads.

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    neat, i never knew that. interesting function

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    Same here. Good to know that it is possible.



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