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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Lie Detector Test


    1) Is it tradeable? <~ Sorry didn't see it. >_>
    2) How many in a slot?
    3) Does it work?

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  2. Default

    1) Lol...
    2) I think they're stackable
    3) You type in a character's name and a message box pops up on their screen stopping them from doing anything, usually killing them.

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    That's ridiculously unfair.

  4. Default

    That's harsh. ;_; The only people I can think of that it wouldn't really affect are those that are sniping, ultimate-ing from snipe spots, or those that are god-moding. So what is this, a way to kill off legit players so you can take their map? >_>

  5. Default

    Yes, that's exactly what they were used for.

  6. Default

    Oh god... here comes the abuse again. People--no, not just any one person, but NX whores, who are a thousand times worse--will just simply use them to kill a person in the map that they want to take over.

    I remembered the abuse from before, when they were sold in Aquaroad. No one cared about using them to actually catch hackers and add a little justice to the game, but to just get maps that they wanted, while being assy and killing the people(s) occupying it.

    This isn't gonna end well...

  7. Default

    Those aren't supposed to be around any more. Oops.
    They're limited to 200 per slot, they cannot be traded.
    They pose a challenge question to the victim you use them on, then if they dont respond within a very brief window of time, it either returns to them to town, or DCs them. Depending on which version it is.

    However since GMS took out the script these use, the person using gets disconnected. Complete waste.

  8. Harrisonized


    So both people dc when this is used?

  9. Default

    No, only the user because the script to disconnect the victim doesn't exist any more. It's basically a screw yourself toy.

  10. Default

    @TS: If you read the rest of the post or a few posts down in that thread, it says the exact same thing as eos.

  11. Self-titled badass
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    These were abused by the mean children in KMS. The ones that figured out I had a hard time typing Korean. I got it one time though, that made me happy.

    In KMS they didn't stop you from doing everything. Instead, they just gave you a minute to type it in, otherwise, it would warp you to the nearest town. IF they won they couldn't be given a lie detector for a certain amount of time after that. Also, they had to be attacking. If you successfully completed it you'd get 10k or so as a reward.

  12. Harrisonized


    I did read it. It offered no reason for why it would DC you though.

  13. Default

    1. Untradable
    2. 100 a slot
    3. Not in GMS

    GMS abused it, so they took it out. It came out in the Aqua Road Patch.

    EDIT: Oh wait this IS GMS?!?! They are back wtp?

  14. Helium Atom
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    So if I went to buy one of these right now on used it on a random person at CGs, I'm going to DC? Is this 4shore?

  15. Default

    I don't know how I could've been any clearer on the subject, so if you still have doubts feel free to try it yourself.

  16. Harrisonized

  17. Default

    That's not how the lie detector works. They don't ban.
    You can't even target someone with a lie detector unless they're actively attacking or you still get the "target must be attacking" message, so if she was picking up drops at the time there is absolutely no way this was the lie detector.

    Message in question
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  18. Harrisonized


    That's the exact quote from this guy. It appears as though he was describing in general, not at the moment she was banned. From agony's post, I can reasonably infer that he was nowhere near when the banning happened.

    If we assume that, then it's possible someone used the lie detector while the character was attacking. If so, then IDK, maybe autoban kicked in? We all know how faulty the autoban system is.

  19. Default

    Doesn't seem likely with these readily available and noone else having reported successfully being capable of using them.

  20. Default

    I confirm it d/cs whenever you try to use it.

    So yeah, don't bother trying.



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