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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Sealed Lock Doesn't Work?

    My versalmas hat is sealed.
    So if it can't be dropped, sold, or traded, why would it give that menu?
    What happens if I click it? I'm too scared to try. >_>

    However, I'll be pretty pissed if they don't work like they claim to.

  2. Default

    Don't you have 2? Man up and drop it.

  3. Default

    lmfao, why would you lock the hat!.but anyways, dont you have another one?

  4. Harrisonized


    Hell no! What if it disappears.
    I broke it. >_>

  5. Default

    I'm an idiot. I couldn't even figure out how to seal an item in the 5 minutes I had this morning. D:<
    Elaboration please. Since I haven't had time to go on. ._.

  6. Default

    What if a blue box says: "I't can't be dropped?"?xD

    Try it out xD

    EDIT: Don't forget to Fraps it :D!So if you lose it: Tickets,here we go!

  7. Harrisonized


    Ehh, no. I'm not dumping my hat. The only untradeable items I would seal are my HTP and my Versal Hat, and I'm not risking either.

    By the way, this is aside the point, but how long does the lock last? Forever? Or 90 days? Because it doesn't tell you when the lock expires on the item.

  8. Default

    lock a maple hat or something and try.

    go test dummy go!

  9. Harrisonized


    Nothx. I'm still on a shortage of meso after I tested that cold protection thing with my Purple AC.

  10. Default

    Try and drop your locked purple cape somewhere in an isolated FM map, if that works, then the locks dont... :)

  11. Default


    In KMST they just came out with 7/30/90 day locks, I guess if you were under some immediate threat or something. Seems weird to me to even sell something like this, it's like advertising the fact that you don't provide good account security.

  12. Harrisonized


    It works with my purple cape, but I'm scared as hell that I might lose my Versalmas Hat forever. >_>
    That's good. I don't want to pay 30K locking 10 items every three months.
    LoL. It's not really, because Nexon knows that too many people share accounts these days.

    In KMS, aren't they able to delete their locks by typing a pin?

    Also, I heard in MSEA when they lock an item, they can't unequip it. *Nvrm they can.* (As evidence from some guy who had his zhelm 100%ed all the way through and locked by a hacker so that he can't unwear it or break it using a dark scroll)

    I'm able to unequip my locked Purple Cape...
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2009-03-06 at 02:56 PM.

  13. Default

    It also seems to be a bit of insurance in case somehow the company (NEXON, Asiasoft, etc.) somehow slipped up with keeping account info secure, given how past incidients proved. Examples included the previous GMS site exploits where you only needed a Login ID, and perhaps one other thing, to steal someones account, the supposed "PIN crackers", not to mention the more recent SEA account hackings due to the rankings being exploitable, and also the very recent change of making Secret Questions obsolete.

  14. Default

    that is very, very depressing.
    i don't have much faith in the lock on your versalmas hat :/ these locks don't seem very reliable

  15. Default

    That sounds like a problem with the way MSEA implemented them, it's certainly not how it works in KMS. I could equip and unequip the item I test-locked, no trouble.
    (unfortunately by locking it, it also can't be disassembled in maker, which is what I was going to do with it in the first place. XD)

  16. Harrisonized


    It's really not that difficult to make an email confirmation for changing passwords. I honestly don't know why Nexon didn't do that when it's obviously the best solution so far.

  17. Default

    Or you giving your account information to other people, because you think they're your friends and that they'll never betray you.

  18. Neon Atom

    IGN: Kensidan
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 162
    Job: Buccaneer
    Guild: KamiSama
    Alliance: KhainiHeroes


    im going to lol so hard if a hacker finds an account with a crapload of nx, and, thinking evilly, expands your equip inventory max, then tosses all your equips, puts on nub top/bottom/shoes/weapon/hat, all 100%ed, then fills your inventory with 100%ed nub stuff, then proceeds to lock everything.

    But more then likely, they'd just buy random decent deals out of MTS and duey it to a mule, or, barring that, gacha someplace like henesys.

  19. Harrisonized


    On the website, they said that all you need to do is ticket them regarding which ones would be removed and they'd remove it the next server check. Apparently, GMS's lock does not work the same way as MSEA's locks.

    And that would be an utterly pointless waste of money. I'm sure that a hacker would have the brains to spend the NX on something meaningful such as gach or equips (from MTS).


    Has anyone tried dropping untradeables yet? I want to know but I don't want to risk my hat...

  20. Default

    I will try tomorrow, maybe. I don't use any video recording programs uhm should I just ss it?



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