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Thread: Holy Crap

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Holy Crap


    Watch out for this. My friend told me he DCs when he tries to attack. Good thing I didn't try attacking yet.

    Seriously, why do people make it their goal to kill legit players? How the hell would it help them in any way?

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    Oh damn, that person stole 60% of my IGN! pineapple!!!! I meant, er.... that's an interesting hack. o_0; People are weird these days, just run away from it, I guess. ;/


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    I'm pretty sure that the concept of killing afk players this way isn't new, given that people have used summoning bags for this purpose. (And to the rare surprise, catching someone godmoding in the process)

    I've also heard about vacs being used this way to, but I'd never imagine that they would be back at this again.

    And I think they would do that just to be jackarses, I guess. Since there's no actual PvP in this game, I would say that people would actually be desperate enough to do those kinds of things.
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    If I'm understanding the pics right;
    Edit: It appears I didn't understand them right.

    Uh. For amusement value, I guess? Still pathetic.

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    Whoah, what the heck? So that guy chased you around on his hog with a vac? o__O

    Sounds amusing, but hell, that's scary...

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    Yeah, I saw this at HHG1. You DC if you attack monsters under the influence of the hack. I was able to kill the monsters with summons, though. I got near them and let my Hawk do the work.

    The amount of hacking going on is getting ridiculous. I see people no-delaying all the pineappleing time, and 90% of the time no one even notices until I point it out. I was Ariant PQing on a new character, and there was a gunslinger walking around looking like he was spamming Hurricane and killing without numbers popping up. No one said anything. My friend was there and acted really obnoxious, and the leader of the room expelled him in the next game, but when I pointed out that there was a hacker, people were just like, "What? Where?" or "That's not really hacking."
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    Because people think it's lag. Even before no-delay came out, i frequently saw mages killing without numbers popping up, but unlike no delay, the monsters weren't dropping left and right like they do with ranged no delay. They just assume it's lag, let it go, and say this if someone accuses someone of it.

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    The thing with spells is something that's existed since Beta. Numbers don't show up if mages hit monsters at point blank. That's not even lag o_o


    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Yeah...calling BS on that one. How come i've been playing for 3 years now and not known that?

    Anyway, people would still call it lag anyway. They'd call it anything but a hack and forget about it, which was the point of my post anyway.

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    I think that is both amusing and stupid at the same time

    I havn't really been on MS for a week and a half, so I'd have no idea what the number of script kiddies is like these days. I thought it could only get better, because it was so bad. Seems not :P

    I really hope that it doesn't get to the point that warriors/ mages/ buccaneers are the only ones that are safe to train :(

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    O look der, they iz b teh chazing yu.

    But seriously, that's got to be so annoying on your end. Can't hackers just go hack away from all the legit people. =/

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    That's actually pretty funny, imagine horntail parts flying around the room xD

    Thanks for warning us about the attack disconnect. Hopefully the hack won't spread enough so that it becomes a problem.

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    Well, earlier today, I was killing a pianus. It had 60% hp left when an hermit came and started killing the bombs. I got a 10k hit and died, but i didn't lose exp so i went back, just to find the Pianus was gone. HE must have killed it in just 1 mins because that's what took be to get back to the cave
    On topic: I've seen that hack like one year ago, but it didnt d/c you if you attacked back then.

    Right now, How far is GMS from Chinese MS or TwMS in hackers?

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    What happened here is that the hacker changed the monsters into different monsters.(ex. flyeyes)
    And it'll only change on their screen.
    When you or the hacker attack the monsters, the game will DC the attacker, since the monster can't spawn in that map.

    BOLD for the win
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    Oy vey.....Damn, I really hoped that this was only happening in Mardia. This hack is apparently called "cam". Don't ask me why, it just is. And yes, you have every reason to get scard from this hack. If your monsters start to fly, DO NOT ATTACK. Any summon is well-suited to kill them. Also, do not let the monsters hit you, or you'll d/c. Damn and I thought my situation was scary. Not only were there flying newt's attacking my friend's and my ch, but they were raining from the sky. Like a shower......Oh well, that's what I get for publically taunting hackers using smega's....They all come after me.

    P.S. I heard flying skele's are scarier. D:

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    I was just talking to Isaac about this particular stunt. Mardia's had a specific hacker who has been doing it for several weeks now. he logs in around 7 central when no GMs are around, and goes through every newtie map killing anyone afk or hanging in a "safe" rope and trying to DC everyone else.

    I don't really see how he finds it entertaining to do it over and over, but as others have pointed out, a summon hitting them won't trigger the DC. Even after the hacker leaves these mobs stay glitched and may have to be hit by a summon at least once to "disarm" them ( or resynchronize them, depending on perspective ).

    It's pretty much unstoppable too. I end up just sitting there with ifrit out for up to an hour, waiting for him to get bored and leave. Nothing else you can do.

    No, Doro. Cam is the name of the hacker doing it in Mardia, not the name of the hack. CamWinz, CamHealz, ItzCam, KSerBish, Tankumon1. All Cam.

    Also you do not DC if the monsters hit you, only if you attack them.
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    Sometimes I wish I could jump through the internet and smash up their computers. Only in dreams...



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