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  1. Default [Info] Gachapon Box Event

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    wonder what else you can get..

    -hopes no white scrolls or chaos scrolls-

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    Looking at what's available from the boxes, I have no interest in using any keys this time around. However, I'll be sure to try and make as much as I can off of the boxes.

    Edit: Even if white scrolls and chaos scrolls come from them. Besides, we'll probably be seeing dozens of hackers flocking to Crimson Guardian maps this time around, assuming Nexon doesn't have gameguard updated to kill off some of the scrip kiddies.

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    hope it isn't as broken as last time. i can't hunt crimson guardians.

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    looks like ill be snagging a spot in the fm and heading straight to cg's

    @Dusk, i hear bosses such as pap drops em

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    i believe they're the only monsters that do.

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    Bosses like Papu and Fishy can too right?

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    i know pap does. i don't know about other bosses though.

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    For marksmen they're actually quite easy once you know the sniping spots, you should be able to.

    I wasn't able to hunt any boxes last time... hopefully I can try my luck now, assuming they have other nice prizes from them.

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    The awards listed appear less appealing than last time, but i guess time will tell what is in the boxes.

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    I'm excited for the event, even though I can't do anything for it. I can't kill CGs and I don't have any NX to open chests... I just want to know what is coming out of them. ^_^

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    Well, from 3 gold chests that I just opened. I got Tao of Shadows & Harmony and a Stump Eraser. So, I assume the prizes are identical like last time.

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    Wow... Blue Metus? Are you serious...

    I really loved the Blue Metus because of how ungodly rare it was. :/



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