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  1. Harrisonized

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    Since this is an easy question... I'll post this here.

    Does anyone know if MW boosts HP or MP if you have enough AP in there?

  2. Default

    MW does not affect HP and MP upon casting. At all. I have points in HP, so I'm 100% sure on this.

    MW does, however, affect how much MP you can gain upon leveling up (mainly affects Mages because MW only increases stats based on the base stat). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. Default

    You (should) be right. It wouldnt be fair cos items that add INT already have the ability to increase ur MP per level.

  4. Harrisonized


    How many points do you have in hp? If you have more than 10 points, then MW would have an effect because supposedly the system was built to round down?

  5. Default

    since i hpwash i have around 40 points in hp and it doesnt show any effect

  6. Harrisonized


    Wow you have 40 points in HP? Or did you pull it out of your MP already? Because if you pulled it out of your MP, it doesn't count.

    BTW, why would you have so much points in there at the same time? Wouldn't it make more sense to put one point into HP and take one point into MP so you don't lose out on the power? I know you do care about power to some extent because you perfectly scrolled your lunchbox, no?
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  7. Default

    I have another MW question. Do wearing equips/using MW puch you over 999 stats if you already have 999 in that stat? (like if you have 999 int and +101 from mw/equips does it push you up to 1100?)

  8. Default

    yeah mw just goes over your base stats
    it adds whatever its supposed to give you

  9. Default

    So lukless mages should be leveling in a party with MW20 activated to gain maximum MP? Other classes won't be able to use this unless they have 100 base INT (to give another 10 for 110 INT at level up to maximize washing potential) Seems like a lot of base INT to wash back out later.

  10. Default

    That would be correct. And I think that's sorta one of the perks of LUKless.

  11. Default

    I have like 25 left in HP (unwashed). MW does not affect HP.



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