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  1. Default Boss Battles Thread

    'cause every forum needs one.

    We want to see a pwned boss in every post, so don't post without a screenshot. ;D

    I'll start off with mine: My first HT run, my first HT kill. April 12, 2008
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    Can I ask how you keep the high quality from your shots when you upload?
    I upload them as .BMP's but the quality still gets ruined, could it be photobucket?

    Anyway, my first Zak' with Monday Night Zakum in Khaini.

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    HT in broa last wednesday.

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    My first Zrun as a BISHOP.


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    1 party zak.. Took us 75 minutes exactly lol.. Only 4 helms dropped and ar..



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    Snowman (he's not weak to fire):
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    I love fighting headless Horseman. He's probably my second favorite boss (after Pap.) I really hope they make his horse into a mount some day. XD

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    i have tons of pivs, but here are some of my favs

    grandpa boss

    pianus soloooooo

    all archer z run before 4th job

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    3rd pap solo and already made 100mill. Gave codar to a friend

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    Didn't get the ss of the granpa killed

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    (More pictures in the link in mah' signature. )

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    Something I've always wondered, what's the reward for finishing that quest?

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    Dual Pap:

    Yes, I died the first one. Pap dispelled and I tele'd away to cast MG, stupid mistake. Apparently you can see Pap drops as a ghost now though.
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    80k exp



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